Drunk resident of Krasnoyarsk gave birth in the snow in front of passers

Drunk resident of Krasnoyarsk gave birth to a baby, the baby saved by a bystander. On Friday, March 24, according to the regional Department of the Investigative Committee.

The incident occurred the day before. 41-year-old man saw the woman in the snow. He noticed a newborn who was blue with cold. The mother didn’t pay to baby and passers-by did nothing.

A witness called paramedics, they took the woman and the baby to the hospital. According to doctors, the baby had hypothermia and was in a state of moderate severity. Now the girl’s life is not in danger.

Investigators are checking to determine the causes and circumstances of the incident.

Regional edition of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” said that the man’s name is Zaur Radchenko. He is the father and has the experience of presence during childbirth, so he knew what to do. He told reporters that he did not understand why the woman came to the yard, and decided that the mother wants to get rid of it. However, according to his wife Eugenia, the mother did not want the baby evil, and immediately began to name her daughter Dasha.

The publication reports that the guardianship intend to deprive mother of parental rights and transfer a newborn to the care of the state.

In September, one of the passengers of the plane flying from Tripoli (Libya) to Niamey (Nigeria), had a baby on Board. Assistance from flight attendants. The newborn received from the airline Buraq Air, which belonged to the liner, a lifetime of free flights.