The US imposed sanctions in connection with the transfer of technology to Iran, Syria and North Korea

The US imposed sanctions against natural and legal persons involved in the transfer of key technologies and the sale of weapons to Tehran, Damascus and Pyongyang. About it reports Reuters.

In the black list includes 30 companies and individuals. the Sanctions against 11 companies from China, North Korea and UAE tied with the fact that they transferred to Iran technology that allowed Tehran to significantly accelerate the work on its missile program.

Another 19 firms and individuals Washington suspects in the transfer of technology related to weapons of mass destruction (WMD), North Korea, Syria and Iran.

Previous sanctions due to Iranian missile program, the United States introduced 3 Feb. Then got blacklisted 25 individuals and companies of the Islamic Republic. American authorities said that the restrictive measure is due to the support for the development of ballistic missiles these physical and legal persons.