Former Egyptian President Mubarak released from prison

Hosni Mubarak

The former President of Egypt Hosni Mubarak was released after six years imprisonment. About it reports Reuters.

“He left the military hospital of Maadi in Cairo and went home”, — said the lawyer of the former President, Farid El Deeb.

Mubarak was arrested in April 2011, two months after retiring because of the mass protests, which has killed about 800 people. In 2012 the former President was convicted of complicity in the murder of protesters and sentenced to life imprisonment.

According to BBC News, three years later, during another trial, the politician was acquitted and had the opportunity to be released. However, the Egyptian authorities decided not to let him out for fear of new mass protests that this step could provoke.

March 13 this year, the General Prosecutor of Egypt has approved the petition of the lawyer about the release of Mubarak from custody in connection with the acquittal of the court of Cassation, handed down on March 2, in the case implicating the former head of state to the death of demonstrators.