Chinese bus drivers got paid with bags of detail

Chinese bus drivers got paid with bags of detail

Employees of the bus fleet in the Chinese province of Jiangsu has received as wages, sacks of coins in the denominations of one yuan (about eight cents). About it reports BBC News.

Many passengers who were transported by the company in February, came from other regions of the country in the celebration of Chinese New year. They had no travel, so they paid for the road change. As a result, by the end of the month the bus fleet has accumulated hundreds of thousands of coins.

The company’s management concluded that the count and to take this amount of stuff in the Bank too hard and troublesome, but because the coins decided to distribute to employees as wages.

Many drivers were dissatisfied. “This, of course, money, but go shopping with a heavy bag of the stuff is not very convenient,” admitted one of them to the journalist Jiangsu Net. Another complained that the coins were divided inaccurate. Someone got not more than 300 yuan, and others — a thousand.

The local branch of people’s Bank of China associated with a bus Park and offered to find an alternative solution. According to the representative of the organization, many companies don’t realize that banks have machines to count coins.

In late November it was reported that a gust of wind blew the visitor the Bank in the Chinese city of Yancheng 30 thousand yuan (about 280 thousand). The cries of the victim attracted the attention of passers-by. Despite the rain, they helped him find the scattered money.