Saved from poachers a baby Rhino loves to cuddle

Saved from poachers a baby Rhino loves to cuddle

Employees of “children’s home” for the rhinos in the Limpopo province of South Africa, rescued wounded by poachers, a baby Rhino, who now loves to cuddle.

Little female Rhino, whose age does not exceed four weeks, received three stab wounds, when probably tried to protect her mother from poachers. Unfortunately, to save a large rhinoceros failed, in addition, criminals sawed off the already wounded cub horn. Emaciated female was found by rescuers, who took her to a special “children’s house” for these animals.

Reserve staff have given to the rhinoceros the name of J’aime, in French means “I love” in memory of the recent attack on rhinos in the zoo of Thoiry French, reports The Dodo.

Now the condition J’aime stable, the vets treated her wounds and fed the little rhinoceros milk. J’aime loves to cuddle with her rescuers, and to help the Rhino feel safe, the guardians take turns sleeping with her.

J’aime are not yet settled with other orphaned rhinos, considering that she was too young. The guardians hope that in three years they will be able to produce a Rhino back into the wild where it will avoid regular encounters with poachers.