In repelling the attacks of the Kurds in Southeast Turkey soldiers killed

Hakkari archive

In the battle with the Kurds in Southeast Turkey killed a soldier. About it reports Reuters.

The incident occurred in the Hakkari province. A detachment of fighters of the Kurdistan workers party (PKK) tried to cross the Turkish-Syrian border near a military base. After the attackers discovered, they fired at strengthening the base of the grenade. The Turkish military reported four wounded, all of them are in a state of moderate severity, their life is not in danger. The losses of the Kurds there is no information.

An armed confrontation between Ankara and the Kurds, who are fighting for education autonomy within the country escalated in the summer of 2015 after the attack in the town of Suruç. Then 32 people were killed, mostly Kurds. Fighters of the PKK, which Ankara considers a terrorist organization, accused the Turkish government of collaborating with the Islamists and resumed guerrilla war against Turkish security forces. For eighteen years the armed conflict has killed more than 1.2 thousand people.