In Italy has neutralized a gang of kidnappers Parmesan

In Italy has neutralized a gang of kidnappers Parmesan

Italian police arrested a group of ten criminals who for several years was engaged in the robbery of the factories, shops and private homes in the North of the country. Exploited were mainly from elite varieties of cheese and expensive wine.

Arrested March 20 in Modena, the robbers operated mainly in the region of Emilia-Romagna. During his criminal career they managed to steal about 16 thousand bottles of wine, totaling approximately 100 million euros and 168 laps varieties of cheese “Parmigiano Reggiano” with a budget of 80 thousand euros. For detention of criminals the police had to conduct a large-scale operation called “Wine and cheese”, reports the Local.

The guards managed to establish that one of the gang members, using his professional connections with agricultural producers in the region, passed the relevant information to the associates.

Stealing food is a major concern for all of Italy. One of the most attractive objects for criminals is the cheese. According to the Association of producers of “Parmigiano-Reggiano” only in 2015-2016 in Italy was kidnapped cheese in this class totaling 6 million euros. The cost per 40-kilogram wheel of cheese two years of exposure can be up to 500 euros.

Do not save and watermarks that manufacturers put on the shell of cheese. Criminals just cut them before resale on the black market.