Syrian rebels launched a new offensive in Damascus

The armed Syrian opposition groups attacked government forces controlled the neighborhood in the North-East of Damascus on Tuesday, March 21. About it reports Reuters.

The representative of one of the rebel groups said that the operation started at 05.00 am local time (06.00 GMT). The aim of the attack was the district, which the rebels seized on Sunday, March 19, but was later forced to leave.

According located in London Syrian Observatory for human rights, before the operation, the rebels had activated an explosive device planted in a car. Further, the militants advanced in the quarter of Jobar, located 2 kilometers to the East of the Old town.

According to authorities, all the rebels belong to terrorist group “Frente al-Nusra”, which is now known under the name “Jabhat Fatah al-sham” (banned in Russia).

The civil war in Syria lasts since 2011. In the confrontation involved government forces opposition forces Islamist groups and terrorists, including members of the banned in Russia organization “Islamic state”.