French parliamentarian: Russia has taken a wise position on Syria


RIA Novosti

A member of the lower house of the French Parliament (National Assembly), Jacques Lamblin expressed the view that the EU and the US should reach a new level of cooperation with Russia in military operations in Syria, reports RT.

According to him, Russia’s position on the Syrian issue is very wise.

“Russia wants the US and Europe rallied with her to put an end to Islamist terrorism. This is something on which we should focus. The way to look at these “moderate” rebels and, let’s call a spade a spade, moderate terrorists who wanted to help to get rid of Assad, was a bad idea, because they turned against the French and Western forces,” — said Emblen.

He stressed that “the Russians talked about the need to work with Assad in the fight against the terrorist group “Islamic state”, and that’s what led to the success.”

“Islamic state” terrorist group, whose activity is banned in several countries, including in Russia.