The DPRK announced the testing of its powerful new rocket engine

The DPRK announced the testing of its powerful new rocket engine

North Korea has announced that it has tested a powerful new rocket engine, reports Reuters. The test was on ractogram, Conchan-no. The country’s leader Kim Jong-UN has stated that this test “new birth” of the rocket industry of the DPRK.

According to the news Agency KCNA, Kim Jong UN personally attended ractogram. He was acquainted with the technical specifications of the engine, and gave an indication about the start of the test.

Earlier, the US and China have agreed to confront the nuclear threat of the DPRK. U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson said of the possible presence of nuclear weapons in Japan and South Korea to deter Pyongyang. The American government does not consider it expedient to resume the six-party talks with North Korea. In response, the Russian foreign Ministry said that “the alternative to a political and diplomatic settlement there,” and that the US and its allies do nothing to overcome the “vicious circle of tension” on the Peninsula.

The attention of countries to the nuclear and missile programmes of the DPRK has escalated after the start of March 6, Pyongyang four missiles. Three of them reached the waters of Japan. March 14, Washington, Tokyo and Seoul authorize the commencement of a trilateral military exercises on missile defence. Pyongyang described the maneuvers as an encroachment on state sovereignty and promised “to turn all the bases of aggression in uninhabitable jungle”.