Germany has raised the level of readiness to repel cyber attacks

Germany has raised the level of readiness to repel cyber attacks Moscow. March 19. INTERFAX.RU — Federal German Agency for information security has increased the level of readiness to counter any possible cyber attacks during the parliamentary elections scheduled for September 2017, according to Sunday newspaper Welt am Sonntag. According to him, the Ministry is in constant contact with the employees of services related to elections, political parties, other interested persons and organizations, which discusses ways to ensure cyber-security. The newspaper did not mention the nature of the attacks on government sites, however, reported that measures to improve cyber security strengthened after reports about interference of hackers in the us presidential elections.

The Egyptian President’s first visit to the United States in 2014

The Egyptian President’s first visit to the United States in 2014 Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi for the first time since his election, will visit the U.S. in early April at the invitation of President Donald trump, reports Reuters referring to the Egyptian national newspaper Al-Ahram. The visit, Sisi will be held during the first week of April. Sisi became President in 2014. Former US President Barack Obama never asked him to visit the United States. After the change of power in Egypt in 2013, which in 2014 became President of CECE, the relations between the US and Egypt went into decline. In 2015, the United States took the decision to resume arms supplies and the allocation of the annual military aid of $1.3 billion.

The monument to Prince Vladimir in Kiev was sprayed with red paint

Vandals poured red paint on the monument to Prince Vladimir the Great in Kiev. On Saturday, March 18, the employee reported the Ukrainian Institute of national memory, Olena Khaliman on his page in Facebook. “So now is the monument to Volodymyr the Great. That in the minds of those who are “at war” with monuments, it is difficult to understand,” wrote Halimon. Your post it was accompanied by a photograph of the monument. This is not the first time a monument to Vladimir the Great in Kiev, poured red paint. The last time the vandals did in September 2016. Lived in the X century Prince Vladimir is considered the Baptizer of Rus, the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) is recognized as a Saint. His son, Yaroslav the Wise in the Russian Orthodox Church, revered as a Prince. When Yaroslav the Wise was compiled the first code of laws of ancient law

Rock musicians called the death of Chuck berry the end of an era

Chuck Berry A number of rock musicians expressed his condolences in connection with death of one of the founders of rock-n-roll of Chuck berry, reports Rolling Stone. So, guitarists of the rock band the Rolling Stones Keith Richards and Ronnie wood called the death of Barry the end of an era. Their leader Mick Jagger said that berry had a huge impact. “He was not only a brilliant guitarist and performer, but, most importantly, he was a professional composer. His songs will live forever,” — said the musician. “I want to thank Barry for the music he gave us. He highlighted our teenage years, and breathed life into our dream of being musicians,” added the contractor. The founders and lead singer of the rock band the Beach Boys Brian Wilson said that berry has inspired musicians. “He will be missed by all who love rock-n-roll,” he wrote on Twitter. Rock

Trump called Putin “a tough nut”

Donald Trump The US President Donald trump called the Russian leader Vladimir Putin “a tough nut to crack” in the TV channel Fox News. This description is picked up in response to the request to describe the policy in a nutshell. “I don’t know him, but he’s definitely a tough nut to crack. Don’t know what it is for Russia, but one day, I guess we’ll find out,” said the Republican. While his former rival in the presidential election, Hillary Clinton, he described in one word — “disappointed”. February 7, trump said that it does not conduct business in Russia and knows Putin. February 4 in an interview with Fox News, the Republican spoke about the respect to the Russian President. In late February, Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Ryabkov announced the beginning of preparation for the meeting, trump and Putin. Subsequently, the Kremlin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov,

In Moscow detained the telephone terrorist

In Moscow region it is detained 49-the summer man who reported the alleged bomb in the apartment of the bomb, the TV channel “360” with reference to the press service GU MVD in the region. The suspect called the number “112”. He said that the booby-trapped dwelling, located in an urban settlement Selyatino. Arrived on the scene, the police examined the apartment, but the explosive device not found. A criminal case under article 207 of the criminal code (“Knowingly false report about an act of terrorism”), providing for up to three years of imprisonment. The detainee released on his own recognizance, according to the website of the Moi in the region. On January 22 because of the threat of explosion was evacuated the shopping center “European” in Moscow. The police then received an anonymous message about the bomb, reports the Federal news Agency. Cynologists examined the Mall, but also did

The Russian Senator urged ride in front of a French frigate in the Black sea

Vladimir Dzhabarov Russian ships should accompany a French frigate of invisibility during his stay in the Black sea, said the first Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Vladimir Jabbarov. His point of view, the Senator shared in an interview with National news service (NSN) on Friday, March 17. According to dzhabarov, the only purpose of the direction of European ships in the waters — “to show that they exist”, and should be treated calmly. “We need to show that we have a Navy, we have the opportunity ride in front of them. Probably, it is necessary to withdraw some of the ships that accompanied him in international waters,” said the Senator. He urged to take the same measures that Western countries respond to the presence of Russian cruisers close to their borders. “And then we will see how he is invisible, this ship,” — said dzhabarov.

Peskov refused to listen to “broken record” charges of the USA

Dmitry Peskov The Kremlin is not going to follow the hearings on Russia’s intervention in the presidential campaign, which will be held in the U.S. Congress. This was stated press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov on Friday, March 17, the correspondent “”. “No new formulations, we do not hear and are unlikely to hear is a broken record with futuristic songs”, — he said, adding that the Kremlin is “very much worries”. March 8 the President of the American Congress Devin Nunes reported that the ad hoc Committee on intelligence will hold its first public hearing in connection with the investigation of alleged intervention of Moscow in the United States presidential election on March 20. It was noted that the Committee has no evidence that Russia “helped to elect Donald trump President.” According to preliminary reports, at its hearings will be invited “people with information” that is useful to

In Magadan increased number of hospitalized with suspected Salmonella

In Magadan increased number of hospitalized with suspected Salmonella MAGADAN, 19 Mar — news, Lyudmila Shcherbakova. The number of inhabitants of Magadan, were hospitalized after lunch in the dining room with suspected salmonellosis has increased to 32, five people are treated at home, told RIA Novosti the Minister of health of the Magadan oblast Irina Larina. Earlier it was reported about 13 are hospitalized. Doctors Magadan in the night from Friday to Saturday was hospitalized in the infectious hospital 13 residents of the city, day four. All suspected salmonellosis after a meal in the dining room “Severovostokzoloto”. Institution of a public catering is now closed. The final conclusions, the doctors will do on Monday, when will be ready the laboratory tests. Presumably, all the patients were poisoned mashed potatoes, to which was added a raw egg. “Doctors examined one hundred and thirty people there, eating in the dining room “Severovostokzoloto”,

Media: trump confused Irish proverb poems by Nigerian poet

Media: trump confused Irish proverb poems by Nigerian poet MOSCOW, 18 Mar — RIA Novosti. Favorite “Irish proverb” US President Donald trump was one line from a poem by Nigerian poet-lover, CNN reports. March 17 — St. Patrick’s Day — the politician met with the Prime Minister of Ireland Andoy Kenny. Trump admitted that “the meeting with the Irish friends” forced him to remember the proverb, which he heard “many times” and that he really likes. “Always forget wrong friends. But always remember those who remain faithful” — quoted trump Immediately after the words of the American President got in the media, Irish users of social networks began to write that I’ve never heard such proverb. The most curious was found out that for the first time these lines were published on PoemHunter website and are part of a poem by the Nigerian Albashir Adam Alhasan. Alhasan working as a