Trump told about the “huge debts” in Germany before the US and NATO

Angela Merkel and Donald trump

The US President Donald trump said that his meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel was a great success, despite “everything you’ve heard of the fake news”. About this American leader wrote on his Twitter page on Saturday, March 18.

At the same time the head of state did not fail to point to the fact that Berlin is supposedly “owes huge sums of money, NATO and the United States.” According to him, the need to pay for “powerful and very expensive defense that we provide in Germany.”

In this case, it probably is about the dissatisfaction trump the fact that NATO members do not fully fulfill the obligations of the financing of the Alliance. Currently, States cover about 70 percent of the cost of operating the organization.

Meeting trump and Merkel took place on Friday, March 17, during the visit of Chancellor in the United States. According to Reuters, the leaders of the two countries, which first met in person, during the press-conference “diligently tried to downplay the differences” in views on a number of issues, but they still find it difficult to disguise.

The Agency also draws attention to the fact that even though Merkel and acted relaxed, the body language of politicians talked about the fact that relations between them particularly warm did not work. At the end of the meeting there was an awkward situation, when photographers asked the leaders of the United States and Germany to shake hands, but trump pretended that hears nothing.