Zakharov: statement of Yanukovych on the introduction of troops was read to the UN security Council as indicative information

MOSCOW, March 17. /TASS/. The statement of the former President of Ukraine Victor Yanukovich on 1 March 2014 with a request of sending troops was read out at the UN Security Council as indicative information.

This was reported by the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova on his page in social network Facebook.

“Application (for some reason called “the letter”) was not registered and was not considered neither in presidential administration (AP) on Russia, nor in the Federation Council. In other words, the statement was signed by the President of Ukraine, read in the UN security Council as very significant information about the situation in Ukraine, but no decision on it in the AP or in the Federation Council of Russia was not taken”, – said Zakharov.

The official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry noted that around read in March 2014 the UN security Council’s statements in recent days “black misinformation again blossomed with poisonous flowers.” “It’s amazing how even transparent and open to media actions, overgrown with legends and gain a touch of sensationalism, she said. – You know why? Because the level of journalists and public figures who in his heart presume to “explain” his audience the nuances of the world behind the scenes, catastrophically low”.

In February Yanukovych said that he had not turned to Russia with a request to send troops to the Republic. “I did not ask to send troops to Ukraine. This is not so,” he said in an interview with the group of Russian and Ukrainian journalists on the occasion of the third anniversary of the coup in the Ukraine.

Yanukovych added that any letter to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin on this score was not. “This is not a letter, and the statement in the first place. Second, there are laws, – added ex-the President. – I didn’t betray my people, I was trying to protect the people, and to do so in the framework of their powers”.

Before the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov also said that “no letter, no official in the presidential administration had not received any such letters of administration were not recorded”.