Israel explained to air strikes on Hizbollah positions in Syria

Israel explained to air strikes on Hizbollah positions in Syria

The military has stated that they intend to prevent the transport of weapons destined for the Lebanese group.

Moscow. March 17. INTERFAX.RU — the Israeli air force launched air strikes on positions of the Lebanese Shiite group “Hezbollah” in Syria, fighting on the side of the government troops, reports on Friday, the Israel defense forces.

“At night, the Israeli air force attacked several targets in Syria,” — said in a statement the military.

It is noted that Israel launched airstrikes on a number of objects to prevent the smuggling of weapons to Hizballah, supported by Iran

In turn, Israel has accused Syria of firing their aircraft. As reported by Haaretz, citing the military, Israeli planes attacked targets in Syria and were fired anti-aircraft missiles.

None of them hit the target, and one of the rockets was intercepted by Israeli air defense system Arrow near Jerusalem. According to Israeli military aircraft have returned to base and entered the airspace of his country when it was launched missile.

As noted by Haaretz, over the past five years has repeatedly reported Israeli air strikes on convoys in Syria that was heading for the positions of “Hezbollah” in Lebanon, but Israel did not officially recognize such attacks.

The military of this country have always stated that we intend to do everything to prevent the transport of weapons to Hezbollah through Syria.