Two Hungarian policemen fined for ill treatment of migrants

The Hungarian authorities fined two police officers for abuse of authority against migrants on the southern border of the country. About it reports on Thursday, March 16, the Hungarian edition of Magyar Nemzet.

According to him, one of the officers struck the refugee knee kick to the head, and another used pepper spray. The patrol received fines of 300 and 130 thousand HUF respectively (1038 and USD 445). The Prosecutor’s office has not yet given official comments.

The UN and international mediators is not the first time accused Hungary of ill treatment of migrants. The government was faced with a new wave of criticism after the adoption of the resolution to tighten the process of accepting refugees. Under the new law, asylum seekers are detained in special camps on the border, waiting for the decision of the authorities.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban has repeatedly said that the refugees pose a threat to European States. In addition, he noted that it is necessary to strengthen the external borders of the EU to avoid a new migration crisis.