The court in Moscow will consider the case of rapper Ptah, who is accused of extremism

The court in Moscow will consider the case of rapper Ptah, who is accused of extremism

MOSCOW, 16 Mar — RIA Novosti. Presnensky court of Moscow on Thursday will consider the case of the famous rapper Bird (David Nureyev) on excitation of hatred and enmity against the members of the movement “Antidialer”, told RIA Novosti press-Secretary of the court Anastasia pilina.

Musician charged under article 282 of the criminal code (incitement of hatred or enmity to the people on national, religious or racial grounds). The process will take place in a particular order, which is a mitigating circumstance.

The case is considered in a special manner, with full recognition defendants of fault, according to the procedure, the court examines the evidence and not interviewing witnesses, and immediately goes to the debate of the parties

It is not excluded that on March 16, the court will make a verdict against Nureyev.

The reason for the initiation of the criminal case against the rapper Ptah was his two-minute speech from the stage on statement of 23 September 2015 in Moscow club “16 tons” with criticism of activity of participants of the “Antidialer”.

Earlier it was reported that the rapper is suspected of “inciting hatred or hostility against a group of people United on the basis of “assisting law enforcement authorities in the investigation and the arrest of criminals,” namely representatives of the organization “Antikiller”, which is “a social group” (part 1 of article 282 of the Russian Criminal code).

All-Russian public movement “Antidialer”, according to the organization’s website, calls for its purpose the fight against drug addiction and promoting public services in the pursuit of drug dealers, as well as promoting a healthy lifestyle. Judging from the media, the movement created with the support of the “Foundation of Dmitry Nosov”, the Trustee of which is a well-known athlete and state Duma Deputy Dmitry Nosov.