The ECHR awarded 50 thousand euros life convict in Russia, militants from Chechnya

The European court of human rights (ECHR) in Strasbourg confirmed the violation of the rights of Chechen militants, Arsan, complained of torture by Russian law enforcement officers. He was awarded 50 thousand euros in compensation, including payment of lawyers ‘ work, to the materials on the court’s website.

The applicant noted in the complaint that the 13 murders for which his life was condemned in 2007, he had confessed under pressure. According to him, he was subjected to beatings and torture with electric shocks in the convoy and police station in Grozny.

In 2007, Arsan was found guilty in many crimes: murder, participation in an armed group, attempt at life of law enforcement officers, robbery, arms trafficking and others. One of the most notorious acts attributed to him — the murder in April 2001 in Grozny in the cafe “Titanic” Deputy city Prosecutor Vladimir Moroz. For a long time the applicant was hiding in Kazakhstan, but in 2006 he was arrested and extradited to the Russian authorities.

In 2008, the ECHR upheld the claim of two natives of Chechnya — Ruslan macidov and relatives of Adnan Akhmadov against Russia and ruled that the authorities compensation in the amount of 140 thousand Euro. Medzhidov has accused the Russian authorities of the deaths of his parents, brother and two sisters when the artillery shelling of the village of Znamenskoye on 5 October 1999 and the close Akhmadov said about the involvement of security officials to his disappearance in 2002 in Urus-Martan during the RAID.