The house of Commons of the Parliament rejected amendments to the bill of Brexit

The house of Commons (lower chamber) of Parliament of the United Kingdom dismissed made by the house of lords (upper house) amendments to the bill to start the process of withdrawal from the European Union. On Monday, March 13, reports TASS. The first amendment was proposed to oblige the government to guarantee living in the UK to EU citizens maintaining this status. Voted 287 deputies, against — 335. According to the second amendment, the government would be after agreeing on the terms Brexit and Brussels to submit them for parliamentary approval. Voted 286 deputies, against -331. The document returned to the house of lords, where it will consider today. Previously approved the bill in its original form the house of Commons rejected the amendments complied with the request of the government, insisted on the immutability of the bill and claimed that the amendments could hurt negotiations on a Brexit. Also

Poltavchenko called to the court in the case of the transfer of St. Isaac’s Cathedral, Russian Orthodox Church

Governor Georgy Poltavchenko called in Smolninsky district court of St. Petersburg as a person concerned in the case of the transfer of St. Isaac’s Cathedral, the Russian Orthodox Church. About it writes the Internet-the edition “Fontanka”.   It is noted that in the course of the trial will be heard the position of the Russian Orthodox Church, Museum of the city culture Committee and the Ministry of culture on the controversial issue.   Earlier it was reported that on Monday began consideration of the administrative claim to the city Committee of property relations. The claimants demand to recognize illegal orders, allowing you to transfer the Cathedral of the Russian Orthodox Church.   St. Isaac’s Cathedral caught the attention of many people after there were reports about the transfer of his Church free of charge. Photo: Keith Levit / Globallookpress

Chubais accused his former Manager of extortion

Anatoly Chubays has addressed in police with the request to initiate a criminal case against his former Manager Ilya Suchkov. About it the head “Rosnano” wrote on his page in Facebook.   According to Chubais, the Pods together with others to extort money from him and blackmails.   “I can’t stand judicial squabbles, but in the end decided to apply to the police about the criminal case against Ilya Suchkov and groups working on it comrades of Chechen nationality — for extortion and libel,” he said.   Chubais added that this group of people asked him to buy at an “inadequate price,” the house, but he refused. Then the head of “Rosnano” have started to come some secret recordings of business negotiations with threats of their publications. And later Oleg Lurie has released a “disclosure” about Chubais, in which, according to the Russian politician, represented part of false facts. Photo:

T-62 tank extinguish a burning gas well: video

The Russian military helped to put out a blazing gas well in Syria volleys of tank T-62, belonging to the army cap. Video with an unusual experiment published “Federal news Agency”.   Russian tankers have helped the Syrian oil workers put out the fire in the area of gas processing plant “Han”.   The soldiers knocked down the gate valve x-Mas tree, changed the direction of spouting out jets of gas, which reduced the pressure in the lateral branch bore. This allowed firefighters to begin extinguishing the field.   During the retreat from Palmyra militants of the banned terrorist organization “Islamic state” burned gas wells in the vicinity of the city. Video: Federal news Agency / YouTube

Poltavchenko will be arraigned in the case on the transfer of St. Isaac’s Cathedral, Russian Orthodox Church

Georgy Poltavchenko Smolninskiy district court decided to draw the Governor of St. Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko as the person concerned to a hearing on the transfer of St. Isaac’s Cathedral to the gratuitous use of the Russian Orthodox Church. On Monday, March 13 said One of the plaintiffs, the Deputy of legislative Assembly of the city Boris Vishnevsky, supported this idea. “The fact that they don’t just destroy the Museum and deprive residents of an object of cultural heritage, but also doing it without a legitimate reason,” he said. The trial will also attract representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church, St. Isaac’s Cathedral and of the Committee for culture of St. Petersburg. 10 Jan Poltavchenko announced the intention to transfer the Cathedral to the gratuitous use of the Russian Orthodox Church for 49 years. In this regard, the city began to protest. January 26, Vasileostrovskiy district court registered the claim

Dalnoboishiki complained in office of public Prosecutor and SK the threats from colleagues

Truckers movement of “12 tonnes”, which unites more than 450 drivers have sent an open letter to Genprokuraturu and the Investigative Committee (IC) with complaints of threats from their colleagues who plan to hold on March 27 the all-Russian strike. The text of the appeal published on the website of the movement “Vkontakte”. “Over the past few days on the page of our movement “12 tons” the Internet has received a number of complaints from drivers that they are encouraged to take part in a protest on 27 March and in case of refusal, threatened to break all the Windows, and so on”, — is reported on the page. In particular, drivers who refuse to participate in the strike, warned that “maybe the stone fly”. Also, the report quoted the words of Alexander Rastorguev, a member of the Association of initiative citizens of Russia (TIGER) and one of the organizers

A man dressed saprygova on the porch toad

A man dressed saprygova on the porch toad Chris news made tiny hats for sitting on his porch toad to cheer lost her pet, little boy. To turn the toad in the model is 43-year-old Newsome decided after learned that the little boy with whom he is friends, ran home frog. Chris, who has experience in the field of graphic design, made for the toad hat out of the decorative foam and a photo of the result sent to the boy. According to Newsom, to create hats it took him no more than 10 minutes. After fitting the first model toad also posed in the image of a dandy with a monocle, a cowboy with a lasso and street tough in the cap. Portal Bored Panda notes that, although the boy never found his own frog, photos fashion toads definitely lifted his mood. The toad that hangs out on my

From “the Musketeers” to the clip Serov. Theatre and cinema Irina Alferova

From “the Musketeers” to the clip Serov. Theatre and cinema Irina Alferova As the daughter of lawyers became popularly favorite actress. Irina Alferova was born on 13 March 1951 in Novosibirsk. Both her parents, having passed the Great Patriotic war, became lawyers. Personaily Alferov The Ira’s passion for the theatre his mother and father greeted, the girl participated in all the productions of the local Amateur theatre. After graduating from high school, Alferov went to conquer Moscow and entered the Institute of theatre arts (GITIS). In 1972 she graduated from the acting faculty. While still a student, Alferov received an offer to work from several theaters of Moscow. In parallel, she was offered to play in the now famous telekarta “ordeal” Director Vasily Orda. Both the audience and critics still consider the role of Dasha is one of the best in the acting career of Irina Alferova. The actress later

Scientists have determined the origin of leukemia

Scientists have determined the origin of leukemia An international team of geneticists has identified the origin of leukemia. A study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy, briefly about it Monday, March 13, reports The Telegraph. Scientists have shown that the disease appeared about 20 to 45 million years ago. Then it met at the ordinary long-winged — bats, currently under threat of extinction. Fossilized animal remains have been found traces of deltaretrovirus. It is believed that they were in the blood of animals and caused disease similar to leukemia. Leukemia — a cancer in which bone marrow cells mutate, not developing into normal Mature white blood cells and become cancer cells. From other types of cancer it is different in that it does not form tumors in any one place. Annually in the world the virus HTLV-1 (Human T-lymphotropic virus), which causes malignant tumors of the lymphoid

On Yamal will prepare graduates herders

Photo: RIA Novosti On the basis of the Yamal polar agroeconomic College will open a new specialty – “herder-mechanic”. This was reported by the press service of the Governor YANAO. Training for a new profession includes “productive reindeer breeding, production, primary processing and storage of products of reindeer breeding, production, service, maintenance and repair of tools and equipment for reindeer herding, exploitation and maintenance of motor transport”. Also herder-mechanic needs to be able to form a herd of deer to move them, to prepare slusnou campaign, to slaughter, to be able to butcher carcasses. In addition, the list of skills this skill includes breeding, maintenance and training herding Laikas. Another point – the ability to deal with technology. The press service of the Governor of the region noted that in several other Russian regions are already preparing specialists and herders. Earlier it was reported that Yamal will score only vaccinated