Theresa may urged the West to confront Russia in the Balkans

Theresa May Prime Minister Theresa may called on Western colleagues to actively resist the actions of Russia in the Balkans. She stated this at a meeting with EU leaders. The text of the speech published on the website of the British government. “In light of recent attempts to organize a coup in Montenegro, I will ask us to do more to counter Russian disinformation campaign that destabilizie the situation, and make more visible the interest of the West in this region,” she said. Mae also added that concerned about the growing instability in the region and the fact that it causes risks for collective security. The Prime Minister said Britain will increase cooperation with the countries of the Balkan region in the fight against organized crime, corruption and cyber attacks. In February the special Prosecutor of Montenegro Milivoje Catnic accused Russian secret services in the coup attempt in his country,

Zakharov told about the cut of the spire of the skyscraper of the Ministry of foreign Affairs for Souvenirs

Old spire of the building of the foreign Ministry on Smolensk square cut into Souvenirs. About it told the official representative of the foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova in the air “Our Radio”, reports the national news service (NSN). “You probably know that we have is the replacement of the spire on the building of the foreign Ministry. So, we took the old spire, sawed into 900 small pieces, and arrange these pieces as Souvenirs. Of course, we asked in advance what will happen with this metal. It turned out, he was absolutely unusable — corrosion and so forth,” she said. According to Zakharova, was “the unique limited series of” small pieces, “each of which is authentic, has its own form”. Foreign Ministry spokesman also said that the new spire is almost ready. “Now there’s only a veneer. All will be returned in full. Only be used new, modern materials, so

The Deputy from the United States was threatened with death for his proposal to introduce a “name day Obama”

Member of the legislative Assembly of the U.S. state of Illinois Andrew Thapedi, who hails from Barack Obama proposed to make the festive day in honor of the former President, which he began receiving threatening letters, and to enter such calls to the office, writes Politico.   In particular, he was threatened with grave.As noted Taped, in addition to the threats, however, and received positive feedback from state residents supporting Obama. According to the authors of the publication, the incident demonstrates how fractured American society. Photo: Bilderbox CHROMORANGE / Globallookpress

In Buryatia created Iduna of dough and meat

In Buryatia appeared Idun made of pastry and meat, rather it is the national dish of buuz, which was very similar to the famous Guna. His photos uploaded to the Network users.   According to the author, the Buryat “sculpture” will be more popular than its Yakut copy that was made from manure.   In the spring of 2016, the Dutch sculptor Margriet van Brefort created the sculpture, which is called Idun. According to van Brefort, it symbolized the person who always waiting for something. In Russia, she became famous only in January 2017. Photo: Anonymous 03 / Vkontakte

Boris Johnson acknowledged that Britain accuses of attacks “by Russian hackers” unproven

The Minister of foreign Affairs of great Britain, Boris Johnson said that Britain has no evidence of the involvement of the so-called “Russian hackers” to the cyber attacks against the democratic party of the country. However, he added, it is absolutely sure that it is the “Russian hackers” made a cyber attack, reports RT.   “There is no doubt that they’ve done a lot of dirty work — disabling channels in France, you all saw what happened in the United States and there can be no doubt that they (Russian hackers) were involved in the burglary of the Democratic party,” said Johnson.   He also added that some “Russian hackers” organized a coup attempt in Montenegro and tried to “eliminate the leader of one of the European States”.   Earlier official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova called replicated reports of Moscow’s intervention in the situation in Montenegro is

Chelsea and real Madrid going to exchange players

Eden hazard (right) Real Madrid intends to exchange striker Alvaro Marat in London’s Chelsea midfielder Eden hazard. It is reported by Mundo Deportivo. According to Mundo Deportivo, the coach of real Madrid Zinedine Zidane wants to get the hazard and ready to offer for him Morato and surcharge. The portal estimated transfer value the Belgian at € 70 million, Spanish 40 million euros. This season, the 26-year-old hazard has played for Chelsea in 29 matches in all competitions and scored 11 times. 24-year-old Morata scored 13 goals in all competitions in the Royal club. Real Madrid with 59 points and is in second place in the standings of the Spanish League, trailing leader Barcelona by one point and having two games in hand. Chelsea leads the table of the championship of England with 66 points.

Died, the former speaker of the Parliament DND Vladimir Makovecz

Vladimir Makovich In Donetsk died the first Parliament speaker of the self-proclaimed Donetsk national Republic Vladimir Makovecz. On Sunday, March 12, RIA Novosti reported citing a source in the DPR people’s Council. The cause of death of 54-year-old man was a brain tumor, diagnosed him even before the events in the Donbass. “He died shortly before the operation took place the consideration of the feasibility of its implementation, there were too many risks,” — said the representative of the press service of the National Council DND. Vladimir Makovich, 7 APR 2014 read the Declaration on the state independence of the DNR, noted in a Facebook former Minister of foreign Affairs of the Republic Boris Borisov. In July of the same year he led the people’s Council DND. Donetsk and Lugansk people’s Republic was proclaimed in the spring of 2014 the result of the recent referendum on independence. These events were

Samoilov expressed confidence in a decent performance at the “Eurovision-2017”

Julia Samoylova The singer disabled Yulia Samoylova, who will represent Russia at “Eurovision-2017” in Kiev, believes that it will be enough mental and physical strength to perform well at the international music competition. She stated this in an interview with RIA Novosti on Monday, March 13. “The fire in me in terms of stress, I iron in this sense, of course. Since I have recently had surgery, might be a little worried about getting tired, but still we have rehearsals, and the result, which I show the direction of the First channel are satisfied,” said Samoylova. According to 27-year-old singer, the performance at Eurovision was a childhood dream. “I watched TV and dreamed, imagined myself on the stage. Of course, I am in shock, I still can’t understand what is happening to me. I’m happy,” said Samoylova. The singer said that he doesn’t think about the political background of the