Parents demanded to dismiss the suburban teacher for provocative photos

Parents in the suburban schools required to fire the gym teacher for the provocative photos she posted on the social network.     As it became known to TV channel “Star”, parents outraged too stormy personal life, the 25-year-old Yulia Ryvkina, which she actively shares with his friends online. In particular, a woman posted on the page of a video in which she dances on the bar in a nightclub and also showed pictures where she is posing with bottles of alcohol and cigarettes.     Parent outrage was so strong that the woman had to write a letter of resignation from school on their own.     At the same colleagues Rivkinos rose to her defense. As told in an interview to TV channel “Zvezda” of the educational institution Director Tatyana Kiryakova, physical education teacher – a master of his craft, the year of its work it does not

Stuffing or last agony: what do the words al-Baghdadi about the defeat of ISIS

Senior lecturer at the school of Oriental studies, national research UNIVERSITY “Higher school of Economics” Andrey Chuprygin believes that a common statement of the leader of the banned in Russia, the Islamic state that the militants were defeated, the reality is a surge of Iraqi public services. About this orientalist said in the program “Special article” Aleksey Gudoshnikov on the TV channel “Star”.   “In itself, the statement is completely dissonant with the nature of the group, because, among other things, ISIS has a very high degree of ideology. People who in principle do not give up, to not give up and not going. I looked this information on the statement according to many sources, trying to determine actually what it is. I had such a feeling heavy, that is stuffing information, which is not about ISIS.   This is very similar to the stuffing of some government services Iraq

The Supreme court of Russia has allowed in Udmurtia to Park on the playgrounds

Russia’s Supreme court allowed residents of the Udmurt Republic to Park cars on lawns and children’s playgrounds. On Thursday, March 9, “Interfax” said the Chairman of the standing Committee on national policy, public security, rules and organization of work of the state Council of the Republic of Envil Kasimov. According to the Deputy, a lawsuit in the Supreme court of the Udmurt Republic was filed by the woman who was fined for Parking on the Playground, and the judge decided to lift the ban. The state Council appealed this decision in the high court but lost the case. “There was an absurd situation, when the traffic police can not prevent crime of this nature, when the car is on the lawn or on the Playground, because this isn’t the way,” said Kasimov. He added that the state Council of the Udmurt Republic managed to obtain the support of the legislative

Residents of suburbs have spent on flowers for March 8 of 300 million rubles

Residents of the Moscow region was spent on flowers for March 8 of a total of about 300 million rubles. About this informed the TV channel “360” in a press-service of the Ministry of consumer market and services of the region Vladimir posazhennikov. It is noted that sales of flowers in anticipation of the holiday increased by 70-80 percent. The most popular products were traditionally roses, Mimosas and tulips. Flowers were sold about a thousand outlets. March 8 online edition reported that in Moscow, the demand for flowers has increased by 15 times. The capital of the Riga market, which sells such production, before the opening on this day, huge queues formed. Flower shops all over Moscow changed the schedule. Some of them worked around the clock.

The media learned about the increasing cost of living in the Sverdlovsk region, 5 rubles

The minimum wage in the Sverdlovsk region in the second quarter of 2017 will grow by five rubles. About it reports on Thursday, March 9, with reference to the draft decree of the regional government. According to him, with the increase in the living wage will be 9978 rubles per month per capita. While for pensioners it will rise to 35 rubles (up to 8255 rubles), and for children — 3 rubles (10 to 210 rubles per month). As noted, the minimum amount required for the maintenance of able-bodied citizen, in this case remain unchanged — 10 653 rubles. The size of the subsistence minimum in the country is 9776 rubles, for able-bodied population — 10 524 rubles. February 27, Deputy Prime Minister for social Affairs Olga Golodets said that about five million people get paid the minimum wage. The value of the minimum wage in Russia amounted to

In the capital began to prepare for the spring the trees planted under the program “My street”

In the capital began to prepare for the spring the trees planted under the program “My street” The trees that were planted last fall, cut off the crown and give a beautiful shape. Work will start with the maple trees on the Garden ring. In the capital started preparing trees for spring. Young trees, which appeared last year in the center and on the outbound highways under the program “My street” will give a beautiful shape by removing unnecessary branches. Inspection and pruning began with the Norway maples that grow on the Garden ring. Work conducted by the contractor in accordance with the state contract. It should not only plant trees but also to provide care in accordance with all relevant technical standards. Why are trees cut crown Crowns pruning is necessary for all trees. Such work is usually carried out in the spring before the plants Wake up after

The Governor of the Leningrad region made on the 8th March “Lady’s finger”

The Governor of the Leningrad region made on the 8th March “Lady’s finger” Alexander Drozdenko has joined the all-Russian flashmob #Warlubie. The Governor of Leningrad region Alexander Drozdenko has joined the network shares #Warlubie in honor of March 8. The video with the appropriate hashtag, which the head of the region in a chef’s hat to bake the cake “Ladies fingers” placed on his official YouTube channel, the correspondent of IA REGNUM. Action #Warlubie started earlier on the red square: on the wall of the Kremlin appeared the video message in the form of a bouquet in the colors of the tricolor. Also, President Vladimir Putin congratulated the Russian poetry of the Russian poet Konstantin Balmont. Alexander Drozdenko turned into a chef and prepared a sweet dessert “Lady fingers”, the recipe of which, according to him, in the French court brought the Princess of Savoy. A piece of cake, the

The Pope will grace the cover of the new issue of Italian Rolling Stone

The Pope will grace the cover of the new issue of Italian Rolling Stone ROME, 8 Mar — RIA Novosti, Alexander Logunov. Pope Francis appears on the cover of the March issue of the Italian version of Rolling Stone magazine. Photo of the Pontiff with a raised thumb with the caption “pop Daddy” will decorate the first page dedicated to music and popular culture magazine in anticipation of his trip to Milan, which will take place March 25. During the visit Pope Francis, among other things, will visit the areas on the outskirts of the city, where he will meet with them living in poor, immigrants and their descendants. March 25, according to the publication, will be “historic for him a day.” “Rolling Stone celebrates Pope Francis, who has captivated the youth with their attention to the poor and unfortunate, his close people in the manner of how he behaves

In Russia offered to create a social movement in support of marine Le Pen

Photo: Thierry Stefanopoulos / Zumapress / Social activist Maria Katasonova proposed the creation of a movement “women of Marin” in support of the leader of the party “national front” and candidate for the French presidency, marine Le Pen. About it the activist wrote on his page in Facebook on Tuesday, March 7. “Victory marine is, first and foremost, a victory of common sense. It is a victory of free men over the politicians who betrayed the interests of his people. Victory marine is a victory of strong women, courage and courage which are the envy of many men. That is why I invite women worldwide to join efforts and to contribute to the victory of Marin”, — explained his initiative Katasonova. Currently, according to polls, Le Pen is a leader in the struggle for the sympathy of voters. For her ready to vote on 27 percent of the French.

Russia during the conflict in the Donbass took 2.5 million Ukrainian refugees

Photo: RIA Novosti Russia during the conflict in the East of Ukraine took 2.5 million refugees, said the Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Yuri Vorobiev. “Russia has adopted and returned (meaning partially — ed.) millions of refugees. Europe has adopted and shuddered 900 thousand, and we have 2.5 million refugees,” — said Vorobyov at the round table in the Federation Council of the Russian Federation. The Ukrainian authorities in April 2014 began a military operation against the breakaway LC and the DNI, which declared independence after a coup in Ukraine in February 2014. According to the latest UN victims of the conflict began more than 10 thousand people. People were forced to leave their homes in almost all cities of Donetsk region. Previously managing Director of the office of the Commissioner for human rights in DND Dmitry Popov told RIA Novosti that the causes of forced displacement are not