Dreams of Ukrainians about Europe bursting at the seams: why is a visa-free regime with the EU were a bluff

Ukraine is in the midst of a huge deception. Tens of millions of people at some point led to believe that they are part of Europe. This special operation of the West Ukraine prepared for a long time.


The negotiations on the Association agreement with the European Union began in 2007 under the President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko. The EU has concluded such agreements with many countries in the world – from Egypt to South Africa. On paper the partner country have received a number of privileges, such as duty-free access to the EU market, financial aid, the creation of a free trade zone.


In 2013, shortly before the signing of the agreement, the Industrialists of Ukraine began to say that the contract will simply destroy a number of industrial enterprises, because their products will become uncompetitive. Yanukovych then blocked the Association agreement with the EU and proposed the inclusion in the talks of Russian President Vladimir Putin.


However, excited by the possible collapse of the European dream of Ukrainians came to the Maidan. Yanukovich’s government swept away, but three years later became the worst predictions come true. Instead of high salaries citizens have unaffordable housing prices. Duty-free quotas on Ukrainian goods was minimal. Visa-free regime with the EU has also been a bluff: the Ukrainians will not be eligible for a permanent or even a temporary job. The only thing keeping the economy afloat — international loans.


How did you manage to fool the multimillion population of the country, convincing people that Ukraine is Europe and Kiev could become part of NATO or the EU? Why, despite the obvious failures of the Association agreement with the EU, many Ukrainians continue to believe in it? And what happens when people realize that their “European” dream fail? The answers in the program “the Process”. See Thursday, March 9, at 21:35 on TV channel “Star”.

Photo: Sascha Steinach / dpa-Zentralbild / Globallookpress