Became known date of the meeting about the “intervention” of the Russian Federation in elections in the United States

The head of the special Committee on intelligence activities of the house of representatives of the United States of America David núñez stated that the first formal meeting about the “interference” of the Russian Federation to the us presidential elections will be held on March 20, reported RIA Novosti.


“We will hold our first public meeting, on 20 March, Monday, at 10.00”, – said Nunez.


In the context of the “interference” of Russia in the American electoral processes will be primarily reviewed the allegedly existing when U.S. President Donald trump with the Russian Federation. Accusations of ties with Russia in the address of the trump was sounded by most of the American media and politicians and the security services. There is no evidence in favor of this version is given and was not.


Moscow categorically rejected these allegations, and the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, in a recent interview with CNN said that the American media hysteria about the mythical Russian intervention is very harmful to both countries.

Photo: Jim Loscalzo / ZUMAPRESS / Globallookpress