The Chinese first declassified military patents

The Chinese first declassified military patents

The people’s liberation army of China jointly by the National Committee on intellectual property in the field of national defence has declassified more than three thousand patents, according to the China Military.

2346 declassified patents are published on the website of the office for the development of military systems and dual-purpose. According to the statement of the Chinese Ministry of defense, the patent was declassified in order to spur development in the private civilian sector.

The patent system of China was formed in 1985. It was originally intended for the centralized management of new developments. All technology created by the state defense enterprises regardless of the direction, to be automatically classified. In 2015, the Chinese authorities began to review the archive of registered patents, to decide what development is still needed to keep secret and what you divulge.

Currently, the list of published patents is 101 page. The documents relate to the development of the different categories, starting valve for plastic fuel systems and automatic color recognition and ending with missiles “air-air” and Electromechanical joint manipulators. Each patent contains a description of the invention on the Chinese language, the name of the inventor, the organization he worked for at the time of registration of the application, and the drawings.

Soon the Chinese authorities intend to develop the standard rules on the revision of patents and secrecy in their promulgation. The publication of declassified patents will now be conducted regularly. According to the Chinese military, the regular disclosure of the patents will allow Chinese companies to reduce costs significantly on their own research work and to focus on developing finished products. This, in turn, can lead to strengthening the position of Chinese companies in the international market.

Currently, the regular disclosure of its patents does NASA. In particular, in may last year, the Agency has put out under the patent protection of their developments 56. Information about these technologies can make free use of any person. The database is already disclosed by the American patent contains information about the development of new technologies in the field of optics, terahertz radiation, chemistry, ecology, as well as software.

Vasily Sychev