In France, the poachers entered the zoo and killed a white Rhino

In France, the poachers entered the zoo and killed a white Rhino

PARIS, 7 Mar — RIA Novosti. Unknown criminals in the night of Tuesday entered the territory of the zoo of Thoiry in France, killed a Rhino and sawed off its horn, then disappeared from the scene, said the zoo.

“On the night of March 7, attackers, despite all the security measures (five employees constantly live in the Park, working CCTV camera), entered the Park of Thoiry and killed one of three white rhinos to take control of his horn,” — said in a communique.

Poachers broke the perimeter fence of the Park, got to the building, where you see the rhinos, hacked external and internal doors, opening access to the abode of animals.

A victim of criminals became a very young four — year old Rhino named Vince, who settled in Thoiry two years ago (the lifespan of a rhinoceros — 40-50 years).

Vince was born in late 2012 in the zoo Burger Zoo in Arnhem (the Netherlands) and belonged to a subspecies of southern white rhinos, which in the XIX century was almost completely exterminated in nature could only 20-25 animals. Currently in the world there are about 20 thousand, including 18 thousand — in South Africa. In European zoos contains about 250 species.

They shot Vince and sawed off one of its horns. On the second there are only traces of the saw, suggesting that any criminals someone scared or broke protopak Thoiry

Animal killed in the morning discovered an employee of the zoo who took care of him. “Very attached to Vince woman and the entire Park staff is deeply shocked by the incident”, — noted in the Thoiry zoo.

Two other white Rhino — a 37-year-old Gracie and five year old Bruno, who arrived in Thoiry with Vince, was not injured. The investigation of the incident, instructed the gendarmerie of Mantes-La-jolie.

Rhinos around the world are targeted by poachers. Criminals hunt for Rhino horns, used in traditional African medicine. In 1977, buying and selling of Rhino horn was banned worldwide, on the black market the cost of one horn may be about 50 thousand euros.