In the state Duma told about the possible objectives of a new strategic bomber

The first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on defense Alexander Sherin highly appreciated prospects of the new Russian bomber whose design developed in the company “Tupolev”. His assessment he shared in an interview with “” on Wednesday, March 1. “It all depends on our potential enemies. Well they will conduct themselves — our plane on the territory of Russia will fly as a training flight. Bad conduct — will fly to where you command the Supreme commander,” said the MP, commenting on the potential scope of a combat vehicle. According to Sherina, the emergence of Russian air force modernized aircraft is an important step in anticipation of possible conflicts. “The latest bombers to and developed is the system of strategic deterrence overheated heads to ensure that they have no desire to encroach on our security. It is necessary to show their strength, to not have to use force”, —

The analyst evaluated the prospect of the elimination of the Institute of envoys

Konstantin Kalachev The Institute of presidential Plenipotentiary envoys in the Federal districts is unlikely to be abolished in the near future. This view was expressed by the head “Political expert group” Konstantin Kalachev told “” on Wednesday, March 1. “The Embassy has an important function related to the upcoming presidential elections. In particular, it will be formed the headquarters of their participation, so no one will introduce any reforms or even changes in the functionality of the institution of Plenipotentiaries,” said Kalachev. According to the expert, the question of the elimination of envoys could be on the agenda after 2018. “Indeed, it is an extra add-on and extra budgetary expenditures, although not so great. When he introduced the Institute of envoys, there was still the problem of the autonomy and arbitrariness of the governors, now this is no problem,” added the analyst. Earlier Wednesday it was reported that the Chairman

Children’s Playground in the suburbs turned into a huge snowdrift

In Podolsk, near Moscow employees of the management company was covered by snow Playground, said on Wednesday, March 1, channel “360”. In the photo published on its website, shows large dirty drifts and slides and swings are not visible. “In the snow, the older boys dug tunnels. We were afraid the kids climb, and a collapse will occur, snow flood,” said local resident Anna Ledovskaya. She also stated that the site “accept the snow storage has”. “The people posted a complaint on the portal of “Dobrodel”, however, the administration has confined itself to evasion “measures””, — stated in the material. Reviews of authorities of the management company and the TV station does not. It is noted that with the warming site was under the ice. On 8 February, the head of Podolsk Nikolay Pestov asked the heads of several management companies to pay special attention to snow removal playgrounds, reported

Geologists found in Canada, the oldest traces of life on Earth

Geologists found in Canada, the oldest traces of life on Earth MOSCOW, 1 Mar — RIA Novosti. Geologists found in the vicinity of Quebec the earliest date traces of germs under the age of 4.28 billion years, indicating the appearance of life almost immediately after the birth of the planet, according to a paper published in the journal Nature. “Our discovery supports the hypothesis that life appeared on Earth at hydrothermal vents on the ocean floor almost immediately after the planet formed. The rapid emergence of life on Earth sits well with other recent findings, indicating that 3.7 billion years ago, microbes have formed the entire layers of sedimentary rocks,” said Matthew Dodd (Matthew Dodd) from University College London (UK). The first living organisms appeared on Earth during the Archean era, and while there is no generally accepted point of view about how and when life began. To date, there

The king of Saudi Arabia took a nine-day trip of 460 tons of Luggage

The king of Saudi Arabia took a nine-day trip of 460 tons of Luggage During the Royal tour of Asia, the king of Saudi Arabia Salman went to Indonesia with 460 tons of Luggage, according to SkyNews. As 81-year-old Salman has difficulty getting down from the plane, he took a special escalators. Royal Luggage also includes limousine, Mercedes. If Salman was traveling the usual routes, he would have needed 23 thousands of suitcases of 20 kg. The extra weight would have been approximately $860 thousand The king will spend six days at the festival with their surroundings in Bali. Salman has already visited Malaysia and must visit Brunei, Japan, China and the Maldives.

A resident of Austria came to court with a pack of cockroaches

A resident of Austria came to court with a pack of cockroaches A resident of Austria tried to smuggle into the court live cockroaches. On Wednesday, March 1, the Associated Press reports. The incident occurred in the Austrian city of Linz, located in the West of the country. Security service the court noticed that the man carries the package, filled with live cockroaches, and not let him in the building. Where did he get the insects, and we planned to do with them, is not specified. In 2010 it was reported that the art group “War” has launched a lot of cockroaches in the building Tagansky court, where it is expected the verdict in the case of the exhibition “Forbidden art — 2006”.

Golikova commented about the reduced fees to the pension Fund

Photo: RIA Novosti According to the chamber, fees to the Pension Fund in January fell by slightly more than 2% compared to January 2016, said in an interview “Газете.Ru” the head of Department Tatyana Golikova. As previously reported “Interfax” with reference to an informed source, fees to the pension Fund in January of this year fell by more than 7%. “We have our own operational data on execution of budgets, and, according to preliminary data, the figure is 7% not familiar to me. It is significantly below two percent,” – said Golikova. In this case, said the Minister, in December 2016, the year some of the largest payers paid the advance payment period 15 which begins on January 17th. That is, there was an overpayment at the time. “If this is confirmed, and the probability is high, it may be that the situation is exactly the opposite – that the

Crimean deputies proposed to establish an international award named Churkin

Photo: Reuters The Deputy of the Simferopol city Council Stepan Kiskin (Communist party) proposed the establishment of an international prize named after Vitaly Churkin, who held the position of permanent representative of Russia to the UN. A copy of the open letter addressed to the foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Lavrov and the leadership of the Crimea, he posted on his page in Facebook on Tuesday, February 28. In his letter, Keskin stressed the merits of a diplomat’s fight for “the truth about the Russian Crimea”. “I think that the name of such an active patriot should be immortalized. I propose to award the prize each year February 20 — the day of memory of the outstanding Russian diplomat,” reads the text. The MP offers prize to reward the citizens of the Russian Federation and other States, Russian diplomats, politicians and public figures for defending the interests of the Peninsula

The EC presented scenarios of the development of the European Union without the UK

The EC presented scenarios of the development of the European Union without the UK BRUSSELS, 1 Mar — news, Maria Knyazev. The European Commission (EC) presented a White paper in which he showed five possible scenarios for the development of the European Union without the United Kingdom, as well as their implications by 2025, according to the message of the EC. In the European Union, currently 28 countries, including the UK, but last year in a referendum in a country where the majority of the participants voted for secession from the EU. As stated by the head of the EC Jean-Claude Juncker, whose words are included in the press release of the European Commission’s White paper, the 27 countries of the European Union it is time to form an opinion on their future. According to him, Brexit should not stop the EU in its development. A source at the European

The defense Ministry denied the information about the impact of Pro-American forces in Syria

The defense Ministry denied the information about the impact of Pro-American forces in Syria Moscow. March 1. INTERFAX.RU Military aviation of Russia and Syria have not attacked on the coordinates that were specified by the U.S. military of the USA as the area of action of the Pro-American opposition forces, said on Wednesday the Russian defense Ministry. “Not a single shot on the specified areas of the American side of the Syrian or Russian aircraft are not applied,” — said in the defense Ministry, commenting on the statement of the US military about air strikes in Syria by Pro-American opposition forces. The Russian defense Ministry said that 28 February was the contact through the established channels of communication between the Russian representative of the command of the air group of Russian air force at the air base, “Hamim” with his American counterpart at the air base in al-Udeid (Qatar). During