The Russian foreign Ministry did not expect the recall of the Ambassador of Moldova in Russia

The Russian foreign Ministry did not expect the recall of the Ambassador of Moldova in Russia The Moldovan government decided to withdraw its Ambassador from Russia Dmitry Braghis, who concurrently represents Moldova at the diplomatic level in Tajikistan. The decision came as a surprise to the Russian foreign Ministry, the reasons for such decisions, the Moldovan side calls. Now the corresponding order should be signed by the President Igor Dodon, which in Moldova is perceived as “Pro-Russian” policy. The government of Moldova at the meeting on 1 March took the decision to recall the Ambassador of the Republic to Russia Dmitry Braghis, who was also a diplomatic representative of Moldova in Tajikistan. The draft decision was presented by Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs and European integration (MFAEI) Daniela Morari, however, neither she nor the press service of the foreign Ministry of Moldova did not provide information about the reasons why

Russian diplomats trying to save the inter-Syrian negotiations

© EPA/XU JINQUAN/POOL GENEVA, 2 Mar. /Offset. TASS Vasily Vavilin, Mr Kostyriv, Konstantin Gain, Grigory Sapozhnikov/. The next round of inter-Syrian negotiations in Geneva nearing the end of (the formal completion is expected on March 3), but significant results have not yet brought in, and contradictions between the participants after several days of consultations was almost more than at the beginning of the discussions. Arrived in Switzerland earlier in the week, Russian diplomats in this situation, trying to mitigate the conflict and to find common ground among the gathering in Geneva of delegations. Eloquent silence For Tuesday and Wednesday, the special envoy of the UN Secretary General on Syria Staffan de Mistura met twice with representatives of the Syrian government and the Higher Committee on negotiations (CPSU), consultations were also held with the emissary of the UN with “Moscow” and “Cairo” opposition groups.

Malaysia after the assassination of Kim Jong-Nam will cancel visa-free entry for North Korea

The Airport Of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia will cancel visa-free entry for citizens of the DPRK. As stated by Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, the tightening of the regime will come into force from Monday, March 6, reports Reuters. Now the North Koreans will be required to obtain an entry visa. Change the order, the official explained by interests of national security. The decision was made two weeks later, after Kim Jong-Nam, half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN, was assassinated in the airport of Kuala Lumpur with toxic substances nervously-paralytic action. South Korea and the United States argue that he was killed by agents of the North Korean regime. Earlier it was reported that on suspicion of involvement in the crime arrested a citizen of Malaysia, born in the DPRK Ri Jong Chol, a citizen of Vietnam and a citizen of Indonesia. The last — 25-year-old Siti Aisha got

In the United States when an apartment fire killed four children

In the US there was a fire with fatalities. On Thursday, March 2, reports the electronic version of The Daily Mail, citing a representative of the Sheriff’s Department Douglas County Does Hutson. According to him, the fire happened on March 1 at about 14:00 local time in one of the buildings of the town of riddle (Oregon, USA). In the result the couple, 39-year-old James Keith and 38-year-old Tabitha Annette Howell, and 13-year-old Andrew Hall-young, brother, husband, suffered burns and was taken to the medical centre within 200 kilometres of Portland. Their condition is estimated as extremely serious. Four children were killed. It is a native of the couple’s children four year old Gwendolyn, a seven year old Haile Meyer, 10-year-old Isaiah young, as well as 13-year-old adopted son Nicholas lowes The causes of the incident are being investigated. According to preliminary data, the version of arson is not a

Italian politician under investigation for euthanasia paralyzed DJ

Marco Cappato Italian politician Marco Cappato became involved in the investigation after euthanasia of DJ Fabio Antonini. On Wednesday, March 1, according to La Stampa, According to the publication, 27 February the musician, known for under the creative name of DJ Fabo, voluntarily resigned from the life in a Swiss clinic. After a car accident in 2014 in India, he was blinded and paralyzed. In January, Antoniani with the help of his girlfriend recorded videoprobe to the Italian President to give him the right to euthanasia at home. The government passed a law, and relatives of the victim decided to go to a medical center in Switzerland. Cappato helped them in this matter. 28 Feb politician himself came to the police in Milan and told how he helped a paralyzed DJ to fulfil his desire, and now continues to assist others in the same hopeless patients. Then Cappato were made

The British foreign Ministry welcomes the report on relations with Russia

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of great Britain, in spite of the existing differences with Russia, welcomes issued by the Committee of the house of Commons on foreign Affairs report on the relations between London and Moscow. About it reports TASS.   “We welcome the support of the international Affairs Committee of the British policy concerning Russia. We have significant disagreements with Russia, and not only in connection with their (the Russians) in the Ukraine and in Syria. But at the same time, we are working together where our interests, including negotiations at the highest level”, – stated in the message.   In a statement, the foreign Ministry said that the purpose of government is to protect the interests of the UK to maintain international order and global security and to build stronger links between the peoples of great Britain and Russia.   The British foreign office noted that the

McCain urged to establish a Committee to investigate the “interference” of the Russian Federation in elections of the USA

John McCain called for the creation of the US special Committee to investigate “the Russian intervention” in U.S. elections. About this us Senator said on CNN.   “If Russia had been successful in attempts to influence elections, it would be a blow to democracy. And I think the creation of the ad hoc Committee to investigate this situation”, – quotes RIA Novosti McCain.   The Senator also added that, “without a doubt” tried to interfere in elections and to “destroy democracy”. However, no evidence that McCain failed.   US intelligence agencies groundlessly accused Russia of attempt to interfere in the election of the American President. In Moscow charges Washington denies. Photo: Jim Thompson / Globallookpress

Under the Donetsk fierce fighting, the APU are serious losses

Fierce fighting in the suburbs of Donetsk and Gorlovka, Ukrainian security forces suffered heavy casualties. It is reported portal “Russian spring” with reference to Ukrainian journalist Roman Bochkala.   “In Butovka for the evening for five hundredth. Mines pouring hail. Avdeyevka hit from tanks”, — he wrote on his page on the social network.   It is also reported that the fighting is near the villages of Abakumov and Staromykhailivka on the Western outskirts of Donetsk. APU is fired from mortars and artillery.   Earlier it was reported that Ukrainian security forces are shelling of Yasinovataya, the fire does not stop at 5 in the morning. It is noted that the shelling left without electricity two settlements – Vasylivka and Mineral. Photo: corruptedlights / Instagram

Moscow mufti commented on the emergence of “Sharia patrol”

Albir Krganov The head of the Spiritual Council of Muslims of Russia, member of the Public chamber and the mufti of Moscow Albir Krganov has not supported the project “Stop state”. He reported about it “Interfax” on Wednesday, March 1. Krganov called the movement “is not entirely clear initiative.” “I think it will lead to conflicts, especially if it starts to spread to the regions. If we now have each denomination will pester passersby on the street, to moralize, what do we get? In a secular state how can it be perceived?” he explained his position. The mufti also noted that the behavior of the activists can be in conflict with the “Spring law” about missionary activity, and for these actions there are special places e.g. temples, mosques and Sunday schools. Earlier it was reported that a Muslim activist of the movement “Stopham” Islam Ismailov launched its social project “Stop

Kobzon after Milonova called for a boycott of “Eurovision”

Joseph Kobzon Every Russian should decide to watch or not watch the broadcast of the music competition “Eurovision” which will take place this year in Kiev, said the first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on culture, singer Iosif Kobzon. This opinion was expressed to RIA Novosti on Wednesday, March 1. So the MP commented on the call by Deputy Vitaly Milonov to the General Director of channel one Konstantin Ernst to refuse to broadcast “Eurovision”. However, he supported the idea of colleagues to refuse to participate in the contest. “I agree that we did not participate in “Eurovision”, not to give the opportunity to rusofobstvo in Ukraine”, — said Kobzon. Prior to 1 March it was reported that Milonov has appealed to the Director of the First channel with a request to boycott international music competition, including to abandon his broadcast. “The participation of our artists in this competition