Oprah Winfrey thought to compete with Trump in the election

Oprah Winfrey thought to compete with Trump in the election

American TV host Oprah Winfrey in an interview with David Rubenstein of the Bloomberg admitted that he had changed the attitude to participate in the presidential race. It is not excluded that in the future could run for President of the United States.

Asked the host, wonder if she can apply for the post of the head of state, Winfrey said that never even thought about this possibility.

“I thought that I have no experience in running that I don’t know enough. And now I think … Oh,” said Winfrey, referring, as suggested by the American media, that the current President of the United States Donald trump is also no political experience.

The words of the presenter contradicts her earlier statements: in January she said to the contrary, indicates The Independent.

The New York Daily News notes that Winfrey really changed the attitude of the presidency in connection with the election victory inexperienced in the politics of the trump.

Winfrey became popular with his own talk show, which appeared on American television from 1986 to 2011. She currently has several businesses, including those engaged in the production of Hollywood movies and the publishing of bestsellers, as well as fighting for women’s rights.

Winfrey is the first and only black billionaire in North America. At the last in 2016 US presidential election, she supported Hillary Clinton.