The UN will put the starving South Sudanese fishing line and hooks

The food and agriculture organization of the UN (FAO) will deliver in South Sudan is fishing line, hooks and nets, to save the country from famine. About it reports Reuters.

It is planned to distribute about 150 thousand sets of fishing accessories. “Fishing line and hook is the best way to catch something to quickly satisfy hunger”, — explained the representative of FAO in South Sudan Serge Tissot. According to him, it will also help to save wildlife: in many areas people use for catching fish with mosquito nets, with the result that fish stocks are being rapidly depleted.

The United Nations officially recognized the existence of the famine in southern Sudan a week ago. It is believed that starving about 100 thousand people, and another 5.5 million have no reliable source of food. The reason for the disaster was the civil war that have ravaged the country since 2013. Because of her, many farmers are unable to harvest, and hyperinflation, which reached 800 percent, a majority of inoculants to buy products from abroad. The assistance provided by FAO, including seeds and agricultural tools total cost of three million dollars, were looted by armed groups. People living along the banks of lakes and rivers, forced to eat leaves and roots of water lilies, to die of hunger.