Media: Turkey may refuse U.S. access to the Incirlik air base

Media: Turkey may refuse U.S. access to the Incirlik air base

MOSCOW, 1 Mar — RIA Novosti. Turkish authorities can deny the U.S. military access to Incirlik air base if Washington would cooperate with the Kurdish “people’s protection Units” (YPG) and the “Democratic Union” (PYD) in the framework of the operation against the militants of the terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG banned in Russia) in the Syrian district of Raqqa, according to the newspaper Yeni Safak, citing a source.

According to the source, Ankara is also considering closing its airspace to the US air force.

In the course of negotiations with Washington representatives of Turkey stated that they would not object to the participation in the operation of the “Free Syrian army”, and Arabic and Kurdish population living in the district.

The Incirlik air base used by US air force and Turkey, it was regulated by the Agreement on military and economic cooperation between the two countries. It based aircraft number of countries in the international coalition led by the USA and participating in air operations against the terrorist group ISIS (banned in Russia).

In early January, Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey Weixi Kaynak said that Turkey has put into question the presence of the coalition forces led by the US on the Turkish Incirlik air base.

The self-proclaimed “capital” of ISIS city of raqqa, located in Northern Syria (160 kilometres East of Aleppo) on the banks of the Euphrates river. The city was captured by militants in 2013. After the transition into the hands of terrorists, government forces tried to recapture the town, including by aircraft, but to no avail. In 2014, the Syrian army has lost control of the entire raqqa province.

Currently, the United States is supporting the so-called forces of the Syrian Arab coalition that are in opposition to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and are fighting with the group “Islamic state” (banned in Russia) in the area of Raqqa and elsewhere.