A stray dog ran onto the catwalk during a fashion show in India

A stray dog ran onto the catwalk during a fashion show in India And instantly became a superstar. On January 16 in Mumbai was held the presentation of the new collection of clothes from famous Indian designer Rohit Bal of. To participate in the show, the designer invited his old friend, the actor and model Siddhartha Malhotra which had become the main star of the evening. Hilarious video: OOPSS! Stray Dog steals the lime light from #SidharthMalhotra with it’s catwalk on the ramp during #RohitBal show!https://t.co/Wk1pX5FTqM pic.twitter.com/cPFJ6qLAMx — Filmy Monkey (@FilmyMonkey) January 17, 2019 But these plans, fate intervened and all the attention and glory went to an ordinary stray dog who suddenly appeared on the podium. Dog along with models walked the stage, good-naturedly wagging his tail. Several times the dog was turned to the audience and sank, yet under enthusiastic applause from the audience took pictures of him.

Why Russians drink, quit drinking again

Why Russians drink, quit drinking again Recently the Supreme court of Yakutia declared illegal the ban on the sale of alcohol in one of the villages, defending the rights of the vintner. In the vicinity of the capital teetotal settlement does not, however, there are temperance societies, the members of which ensure that non-drinking people in Russia no longer considered abnormal. To deal with the “green snake” the Russians obtained with difficulty. Even where it is a question of life and death — in the settlements of indigenous people of Yakutia, — the desire of the population to go dry sometimes breaks on the rights of the wine merchants. So, the Supreme court invalidated the ban on the sale of alcohol, voted by the inhabitants of the village of Zhigansk. In Yakutia more than 160 nondrinkers settlements. If forced to return alcoholic stalls is unknown. There is still Chechnya, where

File folders: the social network back old meme

File folders: the social network back old meme It can be used to explain any situation. In 2015, Twitter users have created a meme called This Folder Is Empty (“This folder is empty”). For example, sorting of different file folders on your computer people explained impossible situations and phenomena. All these years the meme has continued to exist in a slow state, but in January 2019, has again become relevant. Only if foreign users are using folders recognized in the love of musicians and actors, in the Russian-speaking Internet describe generally any life situation, such as the lack of thoughts in my head or not done coursework. ?Documents └?Music └? Mariah Carey └? Bad Songs └ ⚠ Now This folder is empty pic.twitter.com/LQR39MUY2K — QueenOfMusic??? (@cautionlambs) January 13, 2019 *Documents *Music *Mariah Carey * Bad songs *This folder is empty ? Documents └? Humanity └? Men └? Gentlemen └ ⚠

The body of one of the pilots of the su-34 found in the Tatar Strait

The body of one of the pilots of the su-34 found in the Tatar Strait MOSCOW, January 18. /TASS/. Rescuers found the body of a second pilot of the su-34. This was reported to journalists on Friday the defense Ministry. “The ship involved in search and rescue operations, discovered and brought aboard the individual life raft with the body of the pilot of the su-34 with no signs of life,” — said the Agency. “At 3:18 local time (20:18 MSK) participating in the search fishing-the fishing vessel Elektron lifted the body of the second Navigator with the second su-34. Looking for two” — said in turn TASS in Vladivostok sea rescue coordination centre. It noted that the search for the two pilots is complicated by weather conditions. The center also reported that “in the area of search has been a detachment of ships of the Pacific fleet, is rescue ship

In Ufa the police fired poznavatelno, who said about rape

In Ufa the police fired poznavatelno, who said about rape Poznavatelno from Ufa, which is in October 2018 has accused three high-ranking police officers in the rape, was fired from her position. On 18 January, reported the press service of the Ministry. The report said that a girl got fired because she drank with her colleagues alcoholic beverages on the premises, and it denigrates the honor and dignity of a police officer. For this reason, his office has lost another employee. According to investigators, on 30 October, three high-ranking police officer raped a 23-year-old colleague. Under suspicion were heads of departments of the Republican Ministry of interior in Ufa and Karmaskalinsky areas, as well as the head of the Department for migration at the Ufa region. The audit showed that men drank alcohol in the workplace, and later invited the girls to join them. November 1, all three suspects were

Germany is ready to Finance the monitoring of the Kerch Strait, said Maas

Germany is ready to Finance the monitoring of the Kerch Strait, said Maas KIEV, January 18 — RIA Novosti. The format of the mission to monitor the situation in the Kerch Strait will be agreed during the negotiation process, Germany is ready to share the cost of its funding, said the foreign Minister of Germany Heiko Maas on Friday. “There will be costs that we will undertake. In the end, there should be a transparent decision, all parties must give their consent,” said Maas at the briefing following the meeting with foreign Minister of Ukraine, which was broadcast live. He noted that the process of harmonization of the proposal has just started. “Paul (Klimkin, Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine-ed.) some issues raised that are important for Ukraine that we will consider. The Russian side there are some questions that are of great importance. That is, we have not come

Russia has proposed to remove from grocery stores, alcohol and tobacco

Russia has proposed to remove from grocery stores, alcohol and tobacco Russia has developed the bill according to which alcohol and tobacco products can only be sold in specialized stores. In the place of sale of these goods it is proposed to prohibit entrance to persons under 18 years of age. The author of the initiative — the Deputy of the state Duma Andrey Svintsov. If the bill is passed, alcohol and tobacco can be purchased in conventional grocery stores. For them equipped with special point of sales will not be sold anything, except for the related products such as lighters. According to deputies, this measure will help reduce impulse purchases of these products, and the range in stores will not provoke the young people to try alcohol and cigarettes. “If children under 18 years will not see these display cases with alcohol, they have dozens of times will decrease

Asteroid Apophis can collide with Earth. If this happens, then after 49 years

Asteroid Apophis can collide with Earth. If this happens, then after 49 years The consequences of a collision can be a powerful explosion or a tsunami. “Apocalyptic” asteroid Apophis, which scientists from NASA discovered in 2004, could fall to Earth in 2068. And in 2029 the asteroid Apophis will pass ten times closer to the planet than the distance from the earth to the moon (38 thousand 384 thousand kilometers). To such conclusion scientists of the Department of celestial mechanics, St. Petersburg state University in the report for the Moscow readings on cosmonautics, which will be held in late January. “A unique feature of this asteroid is accurately set close approach with Earth on April 13 2029 at a distance of 38 thousand kilometers (the Moon removed from the Earth is 384 thousand kilometers). This convergence causes large scattering of possible trajectories, among them there is a trajectory, containing the

The Minister refused to consider wine cause drunkenness

The Minister refused to consider wine cause drunkenness Wine, unlike other alcoholic drinks, is rarely a cause of serious drinking. This was stated by the Minister of agriculture and food of France, Didier Guillaume, which was subjected to barrage of criticism, reports The Local. According to the policy, alcohol dependence is a serious problem, especially among young people. “This is a real problem, but I’ve never seen, as far as I know that young people left a nightclub drunk because I drank the Cotes du Rhone,” said Guillaume. The Minister believes that the main reason alcoholism is alcoholic beverages and mixed cocktails of them. “I don’t think that the wine is comparable to other types of alcohol”, — he said. After these words, Guillaume began to actively criticize. So, Vice-President of the National Association for the prevention of alcoholism and drug addiction George Bernard bass said that according to research

The priority gas

The priority gas TFR responded to the statements of terrorist involvement in the explosion at home in Magnitogorsk. A gas explosion in Magnitogorsk The investigative Committee of Russia urged not to trust the statements of the terrorist organization “Islamic state” (banned in Russia), claimed responsibility for the bombings of the house and taxis in Magnitogorsk. Posts about this Jan 17, published owned by IG publishing “An-NABA”. As a priority versions of the TFR continues to see an explosion of household gas, but the final insights promises to make the results of complex investigation. The investigative Committee of Russia responded to the statement of the international terrorist organization “Islamic state” (banned in Russia) about participation in explosions of apartment houses and a van in Magnitogorsk. “From the outset, the consequence fulfils all possible versions of the tragedy. Today, the priority remains the version of explosion of household gas. Emphasize that traces