A stray dog ran onto the catwalk during a fashion show in India

A stray dog ran onto the catwalk during a fashion show in India

And instantly became a superstar.

On January 16 in Mumbai was held the presentation of the new collection of clothes from famous Indian designer Rohit Bal of. To participate in the show, the designer invited his old friend, the actor and model Siddhartha Malhotra which had become the main star of the evening.

Hilarious video: OOPSS! Stray Dog steals the lime light from #SidharthMalhotra with it’s catwalk on the ramp during #RohitBal show!https://t.co/Wk1pX5FTqM pic.twitter.com/cPFJ6qLAMx

— Filmy Monkey (@FilmyMonkey) January 17, 2019

But these plans, fate intervened and all the attention and glory went to an ordinary stray dog who suddenly appeared on the podium. Dog along with models walked the stage, good-naturedly wagging his tail. Several times the dog was turned to the audience and sank, yet under enthusiastic applause from the audience took pictures of him.

The #RohitBal dog needs a heiress, owner of a world-class acting coach, and a tell-all.
Names like fashionista, rhoti, and ham sammich are all acceptable. pic.twitter.com/7o76Gk6x0w

— asdasmrptolmnopestb (@UnskilledWaste) January 17, 2019

Unfortunately, the glory was short-lived, and after a couple of minutes on the podium there was a security guard, who chased the dog. The further fate of the dogs remains unknown, but the photos and videos from the show instantly spread around the Internet, making the dog a real star.

Every dog has his day, Watch: What Happens when a dog enters Designer #RohitBal show and got himself another showstopper besides the dapper @SidMalhotra !#Bollywood #Bollywoodstar #Actor #happiness #Beautiful #followforfollow #likeforlikeback #followforlike #InstaCeleb pic.twitter.com/XVMpgGIRsa

— TIMC (@TIMCtweeting) January 17, 2019

By the way, the same success in 2018 achieved and the cat is from Turkey, who also decided to walk on the catwalk during the fashion show.

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