The Minister refused to consider wine cause drunkenness

The Minister refused to consider wine cause drunkenness

Wine, unlike other alcoholic drinks, is rarely a cause of serious drinking. This was stated by the Minister of agriculture and food of France, Didier Guillaume, which was subjected to barrage of criticism, reports The Local.

According to the policy, alcohol dependence is a serious problem, especially among young people. “This is a real problem, but I’ve never seen, as far as I know that young people left a nightclub drunk because I drank the Cotes du Rhone,” said Guillaume.

The Minister believes that the main reason alcoholism is alcoholic beverages and mixed cocktails of them.

“I don’t think that the wine is comparable to other types of alcohol”, — he said.

After these words, Guillaume began to actively criticize. So, Vice-President of the National Association for the prevention of alcoholism and drug addiction George Bernard bass said that according to research by the wine drunk 18 percent of young people. According to the French monitoring Center for drugs and addictions (OFDT), 25 per cent admit that they get drunk from champagne.

“Wine is the same alcohol to get drunk,” — said bass.

The Local notes that last year for a similar statement criticized the President of France Emmanuel Makron. The head of state told reporters that drank wine with lunch and dinner, and has advised people advocating for tougher control over alcohol advertising, “to give the French a break”.

According to the world health organization, France has one of the highest rates of alcohol consumption in Europe is higher only in Estonia, Lithuania and the Czech Republic. This wine is 58% of all consumed alcohol in the country, noted in the OFDT.