Olivier, Turkey, Liturgy: how the stars celebrate the New year

Olivier, Turkey, Liturgy: how the stars celebrate the New year

Philip Kirkorov, Igor Vernik, Dmitry Kharatyan, Ivan Okhlobystin, Sergey Lukyanenko and other famous personalities told what will be doing in the most important night.

A treasured night of the 31st of December and festive night of January 1 is not far off. “Izvestia” learned from their star readers how they will spend this wonderful time.

Philip Kirkorov, the singer:

In the new year night I have a scheduled speech, but the holiday will still be. On 31 December I will get one for their children. I have a company involved in the celebrations. So for my family Christmas tree is definitely special.

At the table we have the answers my aunt Marie. She is preparing. And of course, what New year without the obligatory salad. Marie, it turns out delicious.

To think and plan won’t and don’t want to. After all, there is a wise saying: if you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.

Live how they live. But next year I will certainly surprise you! Happy New year!

Alexander Petrov, actor:

— New year I always perceived it as a miracle and treat it as a child. New year’s eve always make a wish, and oddly enough, it usually comes true. Don’t know what will happen next, but in childhood and adolescence made now will, too. I believe in the conventional Santa Claus, in miracles, in that there’s some higher power. Something is happening in the New year, a kind of flash that somewhere happens to be good.

So December 31, the entire day come up with a wish, to wish under the chiming clock.Sergey Lukyanenko, a writer:

— New year I will definitely celebrate at home with family: with his wife and children in a narrow range. We did not call. All the guests we invite on 1 January. If new year’s eve we are in the hour or two we go to bed, then the next day Wake up early enough. And as you know, most delicious salads — those who stood for night, forgotten on the table. The most delicious champagne from which the gas was getting a little out…

Ivan Okhlobystin, actor, writer:

— Not so long ago my wife realized that I had ceased to feel baby puppy dog enthusiasm of the occasion. Sat down and realized that because of the age of to return it can not, and decided so on the 31st we go to Church.