Arrested for the murder of the Director of Burger King admitted

Arrested for the murder of the Director of Burger King admitted

39-year-old man detained on suspicion in murder of the Director of Burger King Irina Akhmatova, made a confession. About it “” said Yulia Ivanova, the official representative of Main investigatory management SKR across Moscow.

“The suspect was taken to the investigation Department. Currently, the investigators conduct his interrogation, the detainee gives confession”, — said Yulia Ivanova.

A law enforcement source said “the” that the man had planned the murder: he created several fake accounts on the search for companions, including women’s faces, and booked all the seats in the car Irina Akhmatova. “The murder was committed in the suburbs, now in the Serpukhov district, several investigative groups looking for the body of the deceased,” said our source.

According to the source, immediately after committing the murder the murderer (his name was Vitaly) dumped the body on the car and went to Yaroslavl, where he live the wife and the mistress. He was supposed to sell the car for parts, but after learning about the beginning of the investigation, threw him in town.

Then use the same search service companions came to stay with relatives in Vladimir, where he was hiding with a friend, and decided to run away today in Nizhny Novgorod, but the car was stopped near the town of Gorokhovets by a traffic police squad and operatives of the local branch of the criminal investigation. “Both the suspect and helped him to hide in the Vladimir region PAL delivered to Moscow and testify,” said our source.

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According to our source, Vitali, serving in the detachment of special purpose “SKIF”, and after demobilization in the Moscow OMON. Few times left in business trips to Chechnya. Then was arrested for robbery, convicted, after release — again convicted for the rape. From places of imprisonment was released on parole in 2017. In the fighting on the territory of the breakaway Donetsk and Lugansk republics, he did not participate, said our interlocutor, thereby denying reports of some media.

He will be appointed psihologo-psychiatric examination — some of the actions and words of Vitaly suggest that he is not okay with mental health.