In Scotland found medieval sculptures of saints. They moved closer to the wall 200 years ago

In Scotland found medieval sculptures of saints. They moved closer to the wall 200 years ago

Archaeologists have discovered in Dankeldsen Cathedral in Central Scotland at least a dozen of the sculptures probably depicting saints that were carved 600 years ago.


As reported in the press release and blog Historic Environment Scotland, they were carved on the tomb of the local Bishop, which is apparently built in an open space, and then moved to the exterior wall of the building and the sculptures were not visible.

The newsOn the dome of the Kazan Cathedral in St. Petersburg appeared the image of the mother of God (video)

Dancelike Cathedral was built in 1260-1501 years on the site of a monastery that existed here in the VI—VII centuries of ekah. One of the bishops of Dunkeld was Robert de Cardini, who held the post for almost 40 years, 1398/99 to 1437. For 17 years before his death, around 1420, Cardini erected for himself a tomb, which first was in the chapel of St Ninian (the first Christian Bishop, which appeared in Scotland) in the nave of the Cathedral. Later, as suggested by archaeologists during the restoration in the early nineteenth century, the tomb was dismantled and moved to the outer wall of the Cathedral.

Archaeologists have discovered sculptures during the conservation work on the tomb of the Bishop. Scientists noticed that the arch of the tomb tightly adjacent to the wall. A thorough study allowed to notice on the surface of stone figures. One of them was very similar to the sculpture on the outside wall but was not damaged. The researchers were able to make high resolution images and study the sculptures using photogrammetry. They also did a 3D model of the most well-preserved sculptures.

Ekaterina Rusakova