“Instantly bored”: netizens found the saddest meme

“Instantly bored”: netizens found the saddest meme

And it reminds you of loved ones.

Cat Mami is a real star of Instagram. And all because of-their appearance always looks very unhappy and sad. Of course, attentive users of social networks quickly snapped a photo of Mami in memes.

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Publication of Mami_and_Morty (@mami_and_morty) Sep 19, 2018 at 8:26 PDT

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In late December, a Twitter user published a new meme with Mami, who called the sad picture.

Mami with sad eyes offered to bake buns and was called often to come to visit, many immediately recalled parents and grandparents.

Unbearably sad happened to this image pic.twitter.com/X6B2wghNE3

— Boris Revolver (@YeltsinOcelot) December 27, 2018

Twitter users reacted to the picture rapidly: they said that meme makes them cry and instantly bored.

That’s why this,the new year!?

— GREGORY® (@krasnovodsk76) December 28, 2018

I moved to a rented apartment. In the old left is my cat, she’s 13. From the great love of our mother and the efforts she looks like a maximum of 6 years. Of course, I can come, but I miss you so much.
The picture is even more melancholy feeling…

— are you a deviant? (@zonya_hed) December 28, 2018

Grandma didn’t say that.. remember her now and her buns. Eeeeh.. ?

— Igor Ξρмолαев (@Igor_Ermolaev) December 27, 2018

The picture as charged for a visit to his parents

— NotSandyFromKentucky (@PresskottCore) December 28, 2018

am I the only one wondering how to teach your cat to bake buns?

— UNI (@slato_) December 27, 2018

food for the holidays to the grandparents so they were not with the same facial expressions

— ᵐᵏ ᴵᴵ (@mchlkzmn) December 28, 2018

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