Where 7 powerful kingdoms that few people know

Where 7 powerful kingdoms that few people know

They were only ruins and legends.


Phrygia extended on the territory of modern Turkey. She flourished in the 8th century BC, and disappeared shortly after the arrival in Asia Minor of the Romans. In Phrygia were mined for gold, so the Kingdom was very rich and powerful. Because of this, even the legend of king Midas and his “Golden gift” — everything he touched turned into gold.

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The mythical Midas was a historical prototype. The Midas was the name of several kings of Phrygia. The most famous lived in the 7th century BC. The tyrant was defeated by the Cimmerians and killed himself by drinking bull blood.


The mighty Kingdom of the 17th century BC stretched from Pakistan to Eastern provinces of Iran. According to the Mahabharata, Gandhari was a brave and experienced warriors. Buddhist sources note the great significance of Gandhara in the region.

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It’s a Buddhist state on the Great silk road existed in 1-11 centuries of our era. It was on the outskirts of the Taklamakan desert in the West of modern China.

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The Chinese claimed that the inhabitants of Khotan loved splendor and was arrogant, loved to sing and dance, very respected books. They had mined jade in the river under a full moon when you could see the sheen of the jade inclusions in the stones.

Head of Buddha (3rd-4th century) from Kingdom of Khotan, then a speaking Buddhist Saka Kingdom 700 years before its conquest by Islamic Karakhanid Turkic. Now in Tokyo Museum. pic.twitter.com/dp3Sp4vgB2

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In 1006 Khotan was conquered by the Kara-khanid state, and the population quickly converted to Islam. Who came through in the late 13th century Marco Polo described the region as a Muslim.


Highly developed pre-Columbian culture Chimu in the North of modern Peru was roughly from 1250 to 1470. The state called Chimor. In its capital city of Chan Chan lived up to 60 thousand people.

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Using slave labor, the residents of Chimoré is extracted from the ore and gold, has reached a high level in the production of ceramics and jewelry. In the culture of the Chimu worshipped the moon and the sun. Chimor was first captured by the Incas, and then destroyed by the Spanish conquistadors.

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The Kingdom of NRI, Igbo or appeared on the territory of modern Nigeria in the 10th century. They were ruled by a king-priest, who was the chief authority not only in politics but also in religious matters.

Son of the late Eze Nri at Oreri. The marks on his face is known as Ichi. It was a sign of nobility among the Nri-Igbo and not a tribal mark pic.twitter.com/8isNYjmDwb

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NDT has become a haven for many exiles from other communities and gave freedom to the slaves. It was expanded by the converts, who had to see the ruler of the celestial being that descended to earth. By the 18th century the Kingdom had been at its Zenith and began to decline. A heavy blow struck the transatlantic slave trade and subsequent colonization by Europeans.


The state of Kandy existed in the Central part of Sri Lanka from the 15th to 19th centuries. It was formed because of the internecine wars of the successors of the state Kotte, which United the whole of Sri Lanka.

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Further Kandy almost always been involved in military conflicts. The hottest struggle was with the Portuguese, who seized the coastal regions and started advancing inland. Kandy was supported by the Netherlands, but later came to the arena UK, which has absorbed a small but powerful in their time state.

Sebasco Kingdom

The Kingdom that rules the Queen of Sheba. It existed from the end of the 2nd Millennium BC to the 3rd century ad in the area of modern Yemen with a colony in Ethiopia. Sabean civilization is one of the oldest in the middle East.

#Saba (also given as Sheba) was a kingdom in southern Arabia (region of modern-day #Yemen) which flourished between the 8th century BCE and 275 CE when it was conquered by the neighboring Himyarites. https://t.co/7sJGbf3Fyf #History pic.twitter.com/feKqa5YOyr

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Near the capital of the Kingdom, the city of Marib, built a dam, which irrigated a huge area, and the country turned into a green oasis. In addition, through the Kingdom ran Transervice “Way of incense”, what did the people in the country are very rich people. Saba was captured by the Himyarite Kingdom.

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