To live to 90: if alcohol is associated with longevity

To live to 90: if alcohol is associated with longevity

Coffee and alcohol will help to live up to 90 years — so the media interpreted the results of this study. What is actually telling insights resonant work, understood “Газета.Ru”.

Coffee and alcohol are associated with longevity, said experts at the University of California, Irvine. The new data they published on the University website. This statement created a furor in media, which was immediately disseminated by the assertion that alcohol supposedly able to prolong life.

Conclusions about the Association of alcohol consumption and longevity scientists did in the study, The 90+ Study.

It began in 2003 and continues to this day with the participation of the Americans older than 90 years. The elderly are the fastest — growing population group in the U.S., but little is known about the health status of people who have reached 90 years, and how to extend their life and improve its quality.

The purpose of the study is to find out what factors are associated with longevity, to investigate the spread of dementia among centenarians, to evaluate their cognitive function and changes in the brain. Do 90-year-old with memory problems, how often they have seen dementia, can it be prevented, what should I change in my life to live longer — all these issues were on the minds of researchers.

About 1,600 older volunteers had previously participated in another study which began in 1981 and was devoted to the way of life of ageing people. In it participated more than 14 thousand people.

Every six months, the experts examined the study participants of The 90+ Study, assessing the state of their health and nervous system, figuring out how they eat, what the workers are, showing whether a physical activity.

Scientists have found that people who consumed moderate amounts of alcohol and coffee, on average, lived longer than those who abstain from them.

In addition, those who to 70 years were overweight, on average, lived longer than those who had normal weight or lack of weight. More than 40% of participants lived to 90 years old, suffered from dementia, almost 80% — were disabled. In both categories were dominated by women.

Similar conclusions researchers made in the previous larger scale studies.