The world’s only orangutan albino returned to the wild

The world’s only orangutan albino returned to the wild

Female Alba returned to the wild after more than two years of rehabilitation.

Was the only one in the world kalimantans orangutan albino Alba returned to the wild after nearly two years of rehabilitation. The female was taken to the national Park on the island of Borneo in Indonesia with her into the wild back another orangutan — female Kika. About it reported in a press release from the orangutan survival Foundation, Borneo.

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Alba, the world’s only orangutan, an albino, was discovered by the staff of the orangutan survival Foundation, Borneo in April 2017, near the village Tangerang in the Indonesian province of Central Kalimantan. The five females found unusual white coat color, blue iris and red eye — all signs of albinism. At the time of capture, the monkey was exhausted, she observed all the signs of dehydration and a large number of parasites.

From the moment of catch until December of this year Alba was in rehabilitation under the supervision of experts along with other female kalimantans orangutan — five-year Kikoy. At first the two females avoided people, but he quickly made friends with each other, which they had decided to treat and release together.