Putin has fulfilled the wish of a boy who wanted to remove a video about “air force one”

Putin has fulfilled the wish of a boy who wanted to remove a video about “air force one”

MOSCOW, December 25. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin has fulfilled the wish of a seriously ill 15-year-old Arslan Gaipkulov who wanted to make a video about “air force one” Il — 96−300.

Tuesday Arslan, who arrived in Moscow from Bashkiria with her mother, was given a tour of the President’s plane, the results of which he shared with journalists the impressions. “This is the most secret aircraft in the country, you can get it for me, honor,” he said. According to the boy, his dream was fulfilled.

Kaipkulov said he was impressed with the comfort, which flies the head of state, but the most vivid emotions was caused by the cockpit. According to him, he was able to sit in the chair of commander of the aircraft, as well as visit in the conference room, the cabin attendants. “Visited other places, but they can not be removed. There is a secrecy,” said the boy.

The flight attendant, who conducted the tour, said in advance about the requirements that apply to employees of the special flight detachment “Russia”, which serves the first persons of the state. The boy began to talk in detail about these requirements, leaving the intrigue to your video.

Tour of the airport

Kaipkulov Monday managed to go on the tour of Vnukovo airport. About how the airport is carried out screening of passengers as to monitor the observance of safety measures and prepare pilots for the flight, he told the General Director of the airport Dmitry Saprykin.

NewsPutin after the press conference, gave an interview to the 17-year-old Regina Parpieva, fulfilling her dream

First, Arslan introduced the work of canine services. The boy offered to hide in one of the special cones “tester” with the smell of explosives, and a specially trained dog accurately identified where the dangerous substance. In addition Arslan watched the process of training, during which the dog complied with the command of the dog handler, who served as voice and gestures. The boy also talked to dogs: a Belgian Malinois Gang and border collie Nyusha — and was photographed with them in memory.

After that Arslan and his mother was in the area of preflight crew training, where ordinary passengers are never permitted. Here senior Navigator-instructor at airport Victor Magnin told the boy what the navigators of the airport, showed their jobs, explained how pilots prepare for flight and how they were physical. Arslan visited the office on duty of the Navigator, where pilots give all the required documents and codes for the system “friend or foe”. One instance of such a document — the so-called card-“Tarasovka” printed on it, the routes of aircraft Magnin gave the boy.