Lukashenko had failed to achieve the revision of gas prices next year

Lukashenko had failed to achieve the revision of gas prices next year

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko had failed at negotiations with Russian President Vladimir Putin to seek a revision of gas prices next year. This follows from the words of Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Anton Siluanov, who attended their meeting.

Negotiations of Lukashenka and Putin lasted four hours. Raised several issues: bilateral relations, the tax maneuver in Russia, the price of Russian gas for Belarus, said Siluanov. “We also agreed to convergence in all these areas,” he said. In particular, it is planned to establish a working group of representatives of the governments of Russia and Belarus, which will prepare proposals for further integration and solution of those pressing issues that concern governments, said Siluanov. “On the issue of gas pricing we should be determined for the next period and from 2020 to develop proposals on formation of the prices for this kind of energy,” he continued. Answering the questions he refused to answer.

On the eve of the talks, Lukashenka held in Minsk meeting, which complained that the Russian tax maneuver involving an oil field. Because of him, Belarus has lost about $4.5 billion, and until 2024, the losses could be as high as $10.5 billion, he said.

At an earlier meeting with Putin, Lukashenko demanded a unified Russian gas prices. According to the Belarusian President, the rate of “Gazprom” for gas transportation from the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous district to Belarus is almost $3 for 1,000 cubic meters per 100 km, while the tariff for Russian consumers — about $1, i.e. 3 times less. Putin advised the Belarusian authorities to look at the tariff for pumping gas, and the final price of fuel. Moreover, Lukashenko drew attention of the President of Russia that the prices of fuel for Belarus worse than in Germany.