Looks like a bug, which he wears on his back a tower of ants

Looks like a bug, which he wears on his back a tower of ants

This exoskeleton protects the insect from predators.

Small bug Acanthaspis petax of the family chinetov known unusual way of disguise.

The assassin bug – The ferocious bug that sucks prey dry and wears their corpses from r/natureismetal

The insect is found in Malaysia and East Africa. It settles in an abandoned termite nests or in the cracks on the clay walls.

The bedbug feeds on the innards of insects, focusing on ants. He grabs the victim by the legs and proboscis pierces her belly. Inside the ant gets a substance that paralyzes him completely, and the enzyme that dissolves tissue.

Eat, bug never throws away the “leftovers”. He built them a tower on the back. This camouflage, which is necessary for this insect to protect from predators.

Deceived spiders take this hill for the accumulation of live ants and not attacking. If necessary, the bug can reset their “exoskeleton” and to run away from danger.

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