In Sicily woke up mount Etna (video)

In Sicily woke up mount Etna (video)

Suspended operation of the airport and the railway. The eruption can be seen even from space.

The active volcano mount Etna in Sicily again, he reminded himself.

The footage, taken December 24, seen as a stratovolcano of the smoke escapes. According to volcanologists, on the southeastern slope of the volcano is a crack, from which rose a cloud of volcanic ash.

This was the first lateral eruption of the active volcano of Europe for 10 years. In this eruption, lava burst is not out of the Central crater, and from fissures on the outer slope.

Seismologists have recorded at least 130 aftershocks of varying strength. The most powerful of them reached 4 points. The epicenter of the earthquake was at a depth of 2 km to 7 km from the village of Ragalna.

RT via RT LastQuake CPPGeophysics: The last few hours of ground motion at Etna, compared to yesterday’s waveform: a substantial increase in earthquake activity is evident

— Jason Bechler ?? (@jasonbechler) 25 Dec 2018

Volcanic ash began to cover the surrounding villages. International airport Catania Fontanarossa and the movement of trains is temporarily suspended.

Etna — the largest active volcano in Italy and the highest active volcano in Europe. He reminds himself almost every year, throwing a fountain of lava and ash.

Etna, Sicily in eruption at dawn today, December 25. Photo: Alessandro Tringali

— severe-weather.EU (@severeweatherEU) 25 Dec 2018

meanwhile, in the middle of the Mediterranean#’etna’s massive eruption satellite view

— francesco strazzari (@franxstrax) 24 Dec 2018

Italy: Sicilia, Etna, the christmas eruption also leaves the sheep was stunned. 24-12-2018

— Rowan Van Dijk (@Lastkombo) 25 Dec 2018

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