Voronezh Governor has admitted was a mistake. 23 payment of salaries

Voronezh Governor has admitted was a mistake. 23 payment of salaries

The Governor of the Voronezh region declared that the decision to pay former Deputy Yury Agibalova “Golden parachute” in the form of 23 salaries (223,8 thousand rubles) was a management mistake.

“It was the fault of two people: my Manager and Agibalova as the man who made such an initiative. Insights I definitely did,” said the Governor. After rising scandal he found that not many people are willing to support it: with the situation he had to handle alone. “But I had the opportunity to make my own decisions”, — said Alexander Gusev. Criticism he called fair.

We will remind, Yury Agibalov received the “Golden parachute” during a short resignation: September 15, he secretly from the public left position, and two days later recovered it. Due to this, the official received the right to a lump sum payment in the form of 23 salaries and a pension Supplement of 75% of earnings. After the situation has passed in a public plane, the Governor hastened to declare that the return of Yury Agibalova in power were technical — before the formation of the new government. 8 Oct Mr. Agibalov was officially fired.

The Prosecutor’s office of the region found no irregularities in the controversial payments.

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Andrew Dust, Voronezh