The American farmer has implemented a Christmas dream Mexican girls

The American farmer has implemented a Christmas dream Mexican girls

Because desire must be fulfilled.

In mid-December, 60-year-old Randy Heiss from a small town in Patagonia, in the U.S. state of Arizona, walking with my dog, I saw the remains of a red balloon caught in the branches. The man decided to pick them up to throw, but suddenly noticed that the rope from the ball attached was a note in her children’s handwriting in Spanish was written a Christmas list addressed to Santa Claus. It was also the name of otpravitelya — Diami.

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— Joe Drury (@JoeDrury) 24 Dec 2018

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Hiss was so touched by the discovery that he decided to track down the little girl and handing her coveted gifts among which was a doll house and accessories, paints, books and much more.

Together with his wife they came to the conclusion that a ball with a note sent from the Mexican city of Nogales in the vicinity. Then Randy through the Internet, asked my friends from this town to help him with finding a small Diame. He also appealed to the local radio station XENY, and then a miracle happened. Literally the next day, the radio station staff tracked down the girl and her family.

As it became known, Dyami only eight years old and she has a little sister Ximena (her girl also asked for gifts from Santa).

The girl’s parents said that to start notes with wishes on the red balloon is a Christmas tradition. Dyami did it a few years, but no one had responded to her wishes.

Randy’s wife and purchased everything on the list and went to the meeting with Dayami and her family. The girl they said that Santa Claus personally asked them to give gifts.

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