“Al-Qaeda” prepares attack on a passenger aircraft, said in Britain

“Al-Qaeda” prepares attack on a passenger aircraft, said in Britain

MOSCOW — RIA Novosti. The Minister for security in the UK Ben Wallace said that the militants of the international terrorist organization “al-Qaeda”* develop technology to shoot down passenger planes, according to the publication Times.

Wallace said that “al-Qaeda”* poses a growing threat, which gives British Ministers “to sleep at night.” According to intelligence, the technology to shoot down aircraft can include miniature bombs, and drones, bombs.

Sources in the security establishment said that the sketches of drones for delivery of bombs was discovered during the investigation in Britain.

“The threat to aviation is real… “al-Qaeda”* revived. They have reorganized. They develop more ideas about Europe, they got acquainted with new methods and still seek to attack the aircraft,” — said the Minister.

According to Wallace, the Ministers have invested £ 25 million in the joint research program of the Ministry of interior and the Ministry of transport “on how to protect our aircraft from new chemicals, different methods of Subversion and internal threats”.

The newspaper reported that the intelligence agencies of Britain are concerned that the decision of the President of the United States Donald trump on the withdrawal of troops from Syria to create a safe zone for militants attacks. It is noted that the country’s leaders learned of the decision trump from his tweet.