Set up a Nativity scene in which Jesus less human cells

Set up a Nativity scene in which Jesus less human cells

It was printed on a 3D printer.

Christmas in Lithuania have created a den, which can be seen only under a microscope.

“The Holy family” at the nanoscale copies the scene, built on Cathedral square in Vilnius.

This nativity scene is so tiny it can fit inside the eye of a needle and is only visible by microscope

— Daily Mail Online (@MailOnline) December 22, 2018.

The baby in the arms of Mary came out smaller than a human cell. Height of figures of the baby Jesus is about 22,822 micrometers, and its diameter is about 12.5 micrometers. A human cell has a diameter of 50 micrometers.

In the cave you can see the figures of Mary, Joseph, three kings, three shepherds, a camel, ox, donkey, two sheep and a manger. All the sculptures are placed on a disk with a diameter of just 300 micrometers.

To create nonoverlap figures on the Cathedral square was scanned with lasers and then created plastic anakopii with the help of 3D printing.

Lithuanian scientists and students took three months to create an exact copy of the nursery, but reduced by 10 thousand times.

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