Scientists have found the cause of chronic fatigue

Scientists have found the cause of chronic fatigue

Scientists at king’s College London have found one of the causes of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).

It can be the consequence of hyperactivity of the immune system, according to the results of a study published in the scientific journal psychoneuroendocrinology is.

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According to the authors, to date, the syndrome and its provoking factors are poorly understood. However, experts have long assumed that the disease has not only a psychological basis, as the symptoms of CFS often occur in patients after a severe cold or as a result of viral infections.

The team under the leadership of Professor Carmine of Pariante found out that this is possible in the case of the immune system, prone to giperreakcia. Scientists believe that this factor is genetically determined.

In July, the psychologists from Tilburg University spoke about why business and leisure travel during a holiday feeling more tired than if they were in normal working environments.