The star of “Buffy” confirmed that he was subjected to harassment on the set

The star of “Buffy” confirmed that he was subjected to harassment on the set

NEW YORK, December 21. /Offset. TASS Kirill Volkov/. Hollywood actress Eliza Dushku has confirmed widespread earlier U.S. media reports that she was subjected to harassment by a former partner on the set. About this star reported in its copyright material, written by her for the newspaper the Boston Globe and published on Thursday.

Last week the New York Times reported that the broadcaster CBS had paid the actress $9.5 million to prevent a potential scandal. Dushku during filming last year of the series, “Mr. bull” (Bull, 2016 — present. time) complained to the management of the broadcaster for sexual harassment by starring in the TV series Michael Weatherly, who allegedly indulged inappropriate language in her address, and had committed in its relation to other actions impermissible nature.

The actress has starred in several episodes of the series and had to continue shooting, but after what happened its cooperation with CBS was dropped, and the broadcaster, according to the newspaper, signed a confidentiality agreement with the actress, paying her a specified amount in order to resolve the incident.

As he wrote in his publication, 37-year-old Dushku, initially she had intended to remain silent about the incident, but changed his mind after Weatherly and producer of the series Glenn Gordon Caron made a statement on this account. The first noted that immediately brought Dushku apology after a complaint, the second said about the inadmissibility of the antics which were afforded Weatherly on the set. Dushku said in the article that all material contained in The New York Times is true. “Trying to explain their inappropriate behavior, Weatherly said that I don’t understand his humor,” wrote Dushku.

She reported that she actually got fired just because she “asked for the opportunity to work without endless sexual harassment”. According to Dushku, Weatherly constantly boasted of his friendship with the now former head of CBS Leslie Movecom, which later he was forced to resign because of allegations of harassment in his own address. The actress claims that she felt in words Weatherly is a danger that he may use his friendship with MONOSEM and to repay her, if it is to show character.

“I was fired because I didn’t want to I was molested”, — she wrote.

Dushku is known for his roles in the films “this boy’s Life” (This Boy’s Life, 1993) “True lies” (True Lies, 1994), “Turn not there” (Wrong Turn, 2003), as well as participation in the TV series “Buffy the vampire Slayer” (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, 1997-2003), “Dollhouse” (Dollhouse, 2009-2010), “the big Bang Theory” (The Big Bang Theory, 2007 — present. time).

The wave of accusations of harassment