The famous Spiegel journalist admitted that he had come up with fakes

The famous Spiegel journalist admitted that he had come up with fakes

The author of the German magazine Spiegel, the winner of many journalistic awards Klaas Relation confessed that he composed the fakes. On the recognition of Relationa said in his editorial. The celebrated journalist has come up with a lot of details for their stories, striking quotes from non-existent interviews in his stories appeared non-existent characters.

Klaas Relation “falsified article in a Grand scale and even came up with characters,” — said in an editorial on the website Spiegel published on Wednesday.

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Fiction contains a few stories of the journalist, including materials, award-winning, added the magazine. As admitted by the journalist, invented the facts and comments contained in 14 of his reports. In the editorial believe that such materials may be more.

Among the materials with the fakes was the article “the Last witness” — about an American who attends the death penalty in the role of witness, “the Children of lions” is about two Iraqi children who were abducted by militants extremist group “Islamic state” (banned in several countries, including in Russia), and “Number 440” — about the prisoners of Guantanamo. All of these were nominated for prestigious awards, for some Relation received prizes.

Spiegel magazine — one of the oldest and most prestigious on the planet. Founded in 1947, Spiegel has a circulation of about 725 thousand printed copies, online magazine every month to read about 6.5 million people. The magazine is known for its long and detailed reports and investigations.

In the editorial called the recognition of Relationa “the lowest point in the 70 year history of the magazine.”Mexican fail

33-year-old journalist began his career in Spiegel as a freelancer in 2011. Over seven years of work in the journal Relation wrote about 60 articles. Many of them are true, he insists.

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In 2014, Relation received an award of si-EN-EN as the best reporter. In 2013, 2015, 2016, and 2018, the years the journalist was awarded the prestigious prize of the Deutscher Reporterpreis. In addition to Spiegel, he has collaborated with many other prestigious journals.

Point in the brilliant career of the young author put business trip in the United States. Relatios and his colleague Juan Moreno was commissioned to write about Mexican migrants and how they are treated in the United States.